Buying Woodland

Advantages Of Buying Woodland!


Trees provide the very essentials of life. They purify the air we breathe, safeguard our drinking water, foster healthy communities, and nourish the human soul. However, these essentials of life are under attack all over the world.

The idea of strolling through your private forest, surrounded by green meadows, wildlife, and peace, brings obvious pleasure. For many people, owning Woodland is a dream come true. Maybe you’re looking for a nice place to spend time with family and friends, a nice place to camp, or want to spend some time living connected to nature.

While this is enjoyable in and of itself, owning Woodland has other advantages and obligations, such as the incentives that come with maintaining a well-managed forest.

What are the Advantages of Owning Woodland?

People choose to own Woodland for several reasons:

  • Security of the environment

According to one of the surveys that were conducted, most woodland owners see themselves as stewards of the forest, assisting in managing wildlife habitat. It’s also a way to safeguard it in the future.

  • Self-Sufficiency and Recreation

Many people regard it as an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and relatives. You have somewhere to go hiking, enjoy cycling, wildlife watching, campfires, building dens, treehouses, the list continues when you own Woodland!

  • Happiness

It is beneficial to one’s health and well-being to spend time in nature, notably among trees. Being in the presence of plants and trees decreases tension and strengthens the immune system. Daily outdoor activity helps to alleviate the effects of a variety of mental health problems. 

After a day in the woods, you can’t help but feel quite relaxed!

  • Investment

Woodland management may provide a source of income in several ways, including sustainable timber, firewood, charcoal, and wooden goods. Woodland is less expensive than arable or pasture land, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a bargain. Tax advantages are also available. Any benefit from the selling of timber is tax-free if it is cut to length and shipped. However, any wood that you have added value to, such as making furniture or fencing, will be tax.

It is also free of inheritance tax if you have owned your Woodland for more than two years and can demonstrate running commercially. It’s difficult to define what it means to be “commercially operated,” but you’d need to have daily records of money received from your woods, such as from the selling of timber, to qualify.

What kind of forest is perfect for you?

A forest is far more than just a selection of trees in the process of growing. Woodland comprises a layered network of various ages of trees and shrubs, ranging from the uppermost canopy to the low undergrowth and woodland floor. There are open areas or clearings and a diverse range of native fungi and plants such as flowers, grasses, mosses, and lichens. A forest is a living ecosystem in and of itself.

If you’re looking for a way to make money while also benefiting your health, well-being, and the environment, deciding to buy trees online or simply a purchasing woodland may be the answer!

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