How to Decorate an Apartment Balcony

How to Decorate an Apartment Balcony


When it comes to renovating an apartment, balconies are the last part we usually remodel. We often have excuses like, “My balcony is too small to decorate.” But do you know that balconies are the most important space and the first part in your apartment that everyone see? In order for your apartment to have a relaxing and welcoming vibe, you need to follow some tips that you can adopt to spruce up your apartment:

Put some plants

Potted or hanging plants are the common practical decorations that you can add in your apartment balcony. It’s good to put a lot of greens in your balcony to create a natural vibe and neutralize the urban environment. If your balcony is small, there are many ways you can maximize the space. You can hang the plants on the wall, the Rõdu aknad or balcony windows, tables, the railings, etc.

Add Lighting

Another simple but effective way of decorating and setting the mood in your balcony is putting some lights to it. Whether your balcony has a roof or not, you have to make sure that it is properly lit. Good lights will make your apartment balcony feel cozy and magical. You can put some fairy lights around the railings as it will enhance the beauty of your balcony at night. You can also add some candles on the table for a romantic vibe. If your balcony is not enclosed, it is best to have some weather-proof kind of lights.

Utilize the space

Before shopping for furniture, measure the length and width of your balcony for you to make sure that the things you will buy will fit in there. It is wise to get some foldings and movable pieces because not only can it save space, they are also easier to transfer in and out. Small items are a good investment if your balcony is small.

Shop weather-resistant and durable furniture

When you are out in the market to shop for balcony furniture, pick something that is durable. Cheaper items do not last long and may break after several uses. Go find a reputable manufacturer like MALMERK Klaasium and choose the furniture you think will fit to your personality and style. Furniture that are made from metal, hardwood, cedar, or redwood can last for decades with little maintenance, thus you need to pick any of them for your balcony.

Small apartments tend to have open balconies. If this is the case, you need to buy some weather-resistant furniture as it will be placed outside for a long period of time. Another advantage of this is that is easier to clean and can withstand weather changes.


Your apartment balcony can be your private and happy space. It is a good venue to escape a tiring and stressful life. Thus, it is necessary that you decorate it accordingly. A balcony with a comfortable and peaceful ambiance is a good place to have some glass of wine with your friends.

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