Types of Bed Frames

Types of Bed Frames


When you are looking to buy a bed, you quickly realize there’s a lot of options in the market. If you don’t know what you want, you could soon get overwhelmed and end up choosing what you don’t really want. There’s a wide variety of bed frames in the market depending on various factors such as design, size, style, and material. Here are some of the most common. Hopefully, this will help you make a good decision when choosing one:


The Meghan bed frame is the perfect combination of simplicity and style. The classic bed features a simple, short and wooden bed frame that is usually painted grey (but can be repainted in virtually any colour desirable). The simplicity makes the Meghan bed frame queen size an essential addition to any bedroom and can easily be customized to match the bedroom decor.


This one is elevated, and the headboard is noticeably tall. The main difference between and panel bed and platform frame is the fact that the latter has a headboard. Usually, it is made with panels of wood or just one large block of it. It can, however, be found in many different variations, including specific themes such as vintage and classic designs.


A sleigh bed is easy to notice and tell precisely what it is. It is designed to look like a sleigh, so the headboard and footboard are curved to look like Santa’s sleigh. Usually, it is made with wood and polished nicely to make some soft curves for the ultimate appearance. There are, however, different variations in design, colour, and material to suit different tastes.


The main feature of a poster bed frame would be, well, the posters. There are different types of poster bed frames, including the four-poster, the pencil poster, the low poster, and the half poster. Hey are available in quite an assortment of designs, and you can easily get one customized to suit your taste. You can also choose to add a canopy or drapes on your poster bed from more privacy, protection or just sheer sense of style.


It won’t be easy to tell the difference between a canopy bed and a poster bed until you look up and notice an actual canopy. The poster bed consists of four poles on each side of the bed standing independently without being joined. A canopy bed has the posters too, only that they are attached to a frame that unites them all to form a canopy. Traditionally, it is used to hold drapes for people who prefer privacy. It can, however, be left unadorned.

In conclusion, there’s a great variety of bed frames available, probably more than a hundred. They differ in style, design, colour, height, and even origin. You have to be careful when choosing one lest you go out looking for another one sooner than necessary. You may also consider hiring professional builders to make you exactly what you want in the space and style you like.

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