Tips To Know If The Wood Furniture Is Worth Refinishing

Tips To Know If The Wood Furniture Is Worth Refinishing


When we talk about furnishing your new place, you probably have an idea about the thrift store shopping, dumpster diving, or garage sale. People discard many good furniture that is just waiting for someone to notice because of its potential. However, you might ask: is it a good idea to refinish the second-hand furniture? Read this article to know which types of furniture can be considered for refinishing and which are not.

The Best Wood to Refinish

Experts agree that the solid woods made from the 1850s to 1960s are some of the best furniture to refinish. The pieces of furniture during this period are not old enough to be considered as valuable antiques. They were not made during modern times when less sturdy and cheaper materials are being used. They are also mass-manufactured. As such, you will not ruin someone’s furniture when you refinish it.

It is a good idea to be familiar with the historical furniture styles from the 1850s to the 1960s. Examples are Craftsman, Victorian, and Scandinavian modern styles. With this, it will provide you with an idea when was the furniture was made before using the best orbit sander for the refinishing project.

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Check for details that will show the quality of the manufacturing. For example, check the tongue-and-groove and dovetail joints. This will prove that the furniture is sturdier than simple fasteners that use nails and screws. Check the inside and underside of the furniture to see the quality of wood being used to build it. Finally, check the factory labels when was the piece was built and by whom.

Check if the Piece is Painted or Not

If the furniture that you have is painted, then there are chances that the wood has issues. Many people don’t paint their wood furniture unless the wood has cosmetic issues that they are just covering up. Refinishing wood furniture with the best orbit sander that is damaged is never worth the effort. If you finish the furniture, it will involve some varnish. This is colored but not opaque. With this, you can see all the blemishes that were previously covered by paint.

Check if the Piece Needs Re-Gluing

You can give the furniture piece the rocking test. Place your hands on the furniture and rock it back and forth. Sit on it, look for sway, and test the drawers. If the piece is not sturdy, then you will have to re-glue it using clamps. This is not everyone’s forte. As such, if you don’t have the skill for this job, don’t hesitate to hire a professional woodworker to help you get the job done.

It is hard to know what your furniture will look like after refinishing. To have an idea of what it will look like, find a spot where the wood is visible. This is where you can decide if you like the look of the grain. Then, you can have an idea of what color will be produced in the end. If the wood is older, it will often refinish much darker than the milled wood.

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