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How to Improve the Looks of Your Bedroom


Your bedroom must be a place where you look forward to return after a busy and tiring day. If you are unsure where to begin when improving the appearance of your bedroom, don’t worry – we are here to give you a hand. Whether you want to tackle some overdue updates or furnish your bedroom, here are tricks to help you:

1. Consider the Right Paint Color

Most professional house painters Calgary recommend using a light scheme of color. Do you know why? It helps to create an illusion of a bigger space. According to them, color plays a crucial role of creating a comfortable environment in a space. It will promote relaxation and rest, and not overstimulate you before bedtime.

2. Upgrade Lampshades

Interior designs say that replacing lampshades is the best way of giving a bedroom a luxe appearance for less. Odds are, read-made lamps you buy comes with uninspired and basic shades. So, upgrading them will have a great effect. Shades can make or break lamps. This is why it would be best to opt for cool fabric options and consider a shade, which is taller than expected.

3. Use Mirrors

We all know that mirrors create an illusion of a big space. But for some of us, we love how they add magical mood and magnify light. As décors, mirrors can act like artwork – meaning hanging one or two can make your bedroom look beautiful and expensive.

4. Bring in a Rug

Yes, we mean it – bring in a rug even if your room is carpeted. Bringing in a rug is a great decorating idea, which most homeowners don’t know have a great effect until they actually give it a try. Adding a rug under your bed won’t just ground the space. It will also ensure your bed doesn’t look like is floating. In addition, it will give you an opportunity of bringing in additional pattern and color to the space, which in many cases, it’s a plus. Just make sure you choose a rug, which is big enough for the room.

5. Go for a Good Bed Frame

Beds serve as focal points in bedrooms. So, you better use your bed as the start point of planning to redesign. A metal bed frame will be ideal if you really want a contemporary and sleek style. But if you want to create an extra storage, opt for an ottoman.

6. Rearrange the Artwork

Instead of investing in a new artwork, consider giving your room a fresh look. You can do that by rearranging artwork pieces that you already have. For instance, move artwork from a different room or try regrouping the pieces in your bedroom. This will upgrade your room and give it life. Also, changing arrangement will give the room a renewed perspective as well as inject new energy in the space.

Creating an inviting and a comfortable bedroom is important for an overall well-being and quality sleep. Therefore, if you want to improve your room’s design, rearrange the artwork, go for quality bed frame, bring in an area rug, use mirrors, upgrade lampshades, and paint the walls.

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