Hottest Paint Color Trends for 2019

Hottest Paint Color Trends for 2019


Is 2019 the year you will bring a fresh coat of paint to your home or luxury apartment? While your tastes are the most important factor to consider when choosing paint color, you may also want to consider modern styles. Here are some of the hottest paint color trends for 2019 that may make a difference in your planning.

Consider Woodland Inspired Shades

The hues of nature remain popular in 2019, but not the bright jungle greens you might be thinking of. Instead, think of the colors of moss, wood, and mushrooms. Gray, muted greens, and light taupes are a popular shade trend in 2019, and these provide a good neutral base for whatever décor you plan to bring into the picture.

Coral Is the New Black

Coral was Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, and that fact will make it a popular color to choose from in home painting this year. Because it is so bright, don’t plan to use it for an entire room. Rather, look at accent walls or smaller areas to use this bright, cheery hue.

Dark Moody Hues

If you like rich color, then this 2019 trend is for you. Saturated, moody blues and deep hunter greens are making a comeback this year. Again, this may not be the best choice to paint an entire room, but feel free to use it for accent walls or, if you have a chair rail, paint half the room in a deep color. Make sure you use darker colors in rooms with plenty of light.

Pastel Pink

Yes, it may inspire thoughts of princesses, but pale pinks are making a splash this year. Mixing it with yellows or taupes will make it less little-girlish, while still allowing you to capitalize on the popularity of this hue. Because pale pink is compatible with so many colors, it provide quite a bit of design inspiration flexibility. For a slightly less feminine take on this color, consider a shade of blush instead of a pure pink.

Pastel Blues to Coutner the Pink

Soft, misty blues are another popular choice this year. These colors can lean towards the gray side or the purple side, depending on your lighting and your color of choice. This is a great neutral option when you want a splash of color without going too overboard with your color choices.

Colors come and go, and the beauty of painting your home is the fact that you can change it up when you tire of a particular shade. Embrace the color trends for this year, and turn your home into a stylish haven bursting with colors you love.

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