Invest in batteries for solar storage and forget your bills
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Invest in batteries for solar storage and forget your bills


It’s been so long since people here in the UK are relying on the most widely available natural energy that is solar energy. Solar energy has become a great part of our life from so many years. Not just it saved money in our bills but above that, it is environment-friendly also which does a big help in keeping our environment safe and clean.

We here at Moxia developed batteries for solar storage which can makes things more 1000% simple for you. Now you don’t need to rely on daylight to enjoy the power of solar energy but you can use it any time and even at nights also. We at Moxia works only on those highly innovative things which have the power to change your lives and make if simpler. These batteries for solar storage developed by us offers immense power to your solar panels. With providing the power we don’t mean directly but in an indirect way by taking full and efficient advantage of all the solar energy received by your solar panels. Not just one or two but there are many factors which makes us the leading manufacturer of batteries for solar storage in the whole UK. Let’s discuss some of those keypoints one by one.

How do we make our solar batteries smart?

Ever thought how do we make our batteries so much smart? Well, don’t worry we are here with an answer to this query. At Moxia, we believe in technology and with our latest machine learning technology, we have developed our batteries for solar storage which can learn and calculate things on its own upto a certain level. This self-learning functionality helps it in getting used to all the conditions which vary from user to user. Our technology includes those well-defined systems which conduct tests for all the various consumption patterns, weather activity, and all the other relevant data to personalize your experience. This together makes it perform efficiently so that it can store more and more energy for you to use when there is no sunlight.

Why buy a solar battery?

Well, let’s discuss some quick points to cover this question for you.

  • Our solar batteries can be equipped with almost all solar panels
  • All the unused energy during the daytime can be utilized by you anytime.
  • It decreases your electricity bills to almost negligible
  • We have two variants which are all time available – 2kwh & 3kwh
  • The more powerful 4.8kwh option is available on a pre-order basis
  • 10 years warranty on all batteries by us
  • An extended warranty option also available with our GridShare membership

Generating your own energy can reduce your energy bills very much. Our solar panels and batteries for solar storage can save you upto 50% on your electricity bills. You can take complete advantage of the peak tariffs by Moxia batteries as apart from using power in the day it can save power for you to use at night according to your convenience.

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