Keeping Inflatable Pool Water Clean
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Keeping Inflatable Pool Water Clean: Everything You Need to Know


The best part about the nice, hot summer weather is that you have a pool so that you (or your kids) can jump in to cool off at a moment’s notice, right? It’s great until you remember that the water is looking a little dingy. The dreaded task of keeping the pool clean is coming so it’s best to be prepared for it and maybe learn a few things along the way.

Read on to learn how everything you need to know about keeping inflatable pool water clean.

Drain & Refill the Pool… Again?

The obvious choice may be to drain the pool and refill it with fresh water. It is a simple, easy-to-manage method for keeping the water clean. However, the hike in your water bill might be something to consider before doing so. Though the extra cost of water may not influence your budget too much if you account for this.

For the more environmentally-conscious above-ground pool owner, this might not be ideal with the thought of all of this wasted water. Don’t worry because there are other options.

Limiting Outside Particles from Getting In

The bacteria from a swimming pool can lead to a number of illnesses. Common sense should have you making sure anyone who gets into the pool is relatively clean before allowing them to get in the pool. When you go to a public pool, they recommend that you go through the restroom to rinse off in the showers before entering the pool.

Buy a pool cover to keep animals, dirt, and leaves from getting into the water when the pool is not in use. A gate around the pool can also help to hinder children and animals from getting near the pool when it is closed up for the nice or during rainy weather.

Use a leaf skimmer to skim larger particles, like leaves and grass, from the surface of the water. A pool vacuum can help to get the dirt and algae off the bottom of the pool. A pool filter will do wonders to get anything floating below the surface that is being missed by the skimmer and the vacuum.

Pool Cleaning Chemicals

Sometimes physically cleaning the pool is not enough to keep the water looking clear and ready to dive in. You can extend the use of pool water by adding pool cleaning chemicals to it.

Monitor your pool’s pH levels. Add chlorine when needed. Chlorine tablets are ideal for this. You can even get a floating device to home the tablets to keep them from being eaten or thrown out of the pool. When chlorine runs low, it’s important to shock your pool water. You can do this with pool shock or with bleach.

Keeping Pool Water Clean

Now that you know all about keeping pool water clean, you will be ready for the upcoming pool season. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your pool for all of the time and efforts that you put into it keeping it clean.

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