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Why Do You Need to Take Immediate Action When It Comes to Termites?


Termites are a significant threat. These are non-stop eating pests that can tear down the structure of your property. It is essential to call termite inspection BrisbaneThese are specialists who’ll ensure routine termite inspection. As a result, you can discover destructive pests before they have a chance to damage your property. Now, the question arises, how much time does it exactly take? The answer depends on various factors, including types of termite, how big their colony is, and where they are located.

Specialists at termite treatment Brisbane have come across cases where termites eat through a significant amount of wood in just a few months. Moreover, if these pests are chewing through the right pieces of wood, you may come across structural damage in a year.

What Termites Feed On?

Termites feed on wood. However, you’ll be surprised to know that they consume more than wood. They eat other materials containing cellulose, i.e., drywall, insulation, plaster. Team termite inspection Brisbane north have come across cases where termites were able to eat some soft metals.

There are different types of termite, and each of them has a diverse consumption habitat. Moreover, they have other bacteria gut that can easily and quickly break down varieties of materials. While dry termites eat the wood found on the home structure, those that grow in damp wood prefer decaying wood, including stumps and fallen branches.

You shouldn’t be surprised to know that damp wood termites can reach your home and attack wood that’s been damaged, i.e., wood that has been exposed to a leak.

Signs and Symptoms

Termite inspection Brisbane south recommends you run a quality inspection to prevent your property from any infestation. Moreover, knowing the type of termite damage helps you identify whether the destruction has started or not. Some signs of wear include:

  • Swelling of wood or paint
  • A hollow sound in the wood
  • Damage on the floor, blistering, sagging
  • Mud tubes around the home foundation
  • Droppings found around window frames or doors

If you come across any of these signs, it’s best to call experts; besides termite inspection cost Brisbane will let you know about the pricing. The longer you wait to address the issue, the bigger the problem will become. Moreover, you don’t want to face the brunt of extensive damage with a termite infestation.

Every day that passes is another big day for millions of termites to chew through your belongingness. Dealing with termites is tough. Remember, they cannot be detected until they have done considerable damage.

Getting rid of termites should be your priority. Here termite inspection Brisbane lists things you can do to prevent infestation.

Get rid of moisture

Moisture or dampness is one of the leading causes that attract all kinds of pests. It is best to get rid of excess moisture as it helps your home keep termites at bay. If you live in a humid atmosphere, a dehumidifier is the best option.


You should always pay attention to leaks. Decayed roofs and moisture-laden walls work perfect hosts for termite infestation. Termite treatment Brisbane kickstarts the treatment process by fixing and sealing leakages. However, it is highly recommended to undergo frequent inspection, especially in basements or dingy corners.

Declutter the property

When you hire experts, make sure you declutter your house. Pay special attention to useless papers, cardboard, old magazines, and newspapers. These are the best places for termite’s growth.

If one of the rooms has been infested, make sure you don’t take the stuff, including furniture stirred in that room, to other parts of the house. The infestation will slowly affect other areas of your property.

Keep distance between soil and wood.

If you own a garden, make sure there’s some distance between soli and wood. Eighteen-inch is the best distance you can maintain to keep your woods safe. Moreover, this discourages any attack from termites on the foundation of your home and the furniture.

Place infested items under the sun.

If you come across termites damaging a piece of furniture, it’s best to place it directly under the sun. This strategy works well, especially during summers, as termites may not stand the heat. The best thing here is to dust off the furniture and apply a termite spray on it before bringing it back inside the house.

Treatment Options

Termite treatment in Brisbane emphasizes immediate attention. However, you have a few options when it comes to treating a termite infestation at your property. The best options that we recommend include


When the termite inspection Brisbane north arrives at your property, they may set up around the home to support you in eliminating an active infestation and deter future infestation. Several bait stations set up around the property’s perimeter will draw the termites away from home.

The termites feed on the bait, intoxicating the overall colony.

Liquid termiticide

Liquid termiticide can be used to kill off termites. Termiticides are typically applied directly to areas that are infested. Termite inspection Brisbane prefers it as it’s a faster option than baiting. However, spreading it to all of the areas of termite activity can be a tricky thing.


Fumigation or structural fumigation is a treatment option designed for severe termite infestations. This is specially designed to get to every nook and corner inside the walls. However, the process requires several preparations.

You may also need to be out of the infested area for a few days if baiting or termiticide doesn’t work; it’s best to go for structural fumigation.

The best technique to keep your house termite-free is to run periodic inspections. In order to find which option works the best, the first step is to get a professional termite inspection done. After the review, you’ll receive a detailed report and treatment strategy from your termite inspection in Brisbane. 

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