Designing an Outdoor Restaurant

Designing an Outdoor Restaurant


An outdoor restaurant is a marvelous addition to a regular restaurant or even when built to stand alone. If it is done right, you can offer customers a unique and thrilling dining experience.

Many restaurant owners do not take advantage of their outdoor spaces. An outdoor restaurant might not be a viable option all year round in some places but when sun is out, it can be quite appealing.

The following tips will help you design your outdoor restaurant:

Add Some Shade and Protection

An outdoor dining space should have protection from the hot glaring sun. A structure to offer shade when the sun is at its most gruesome positions will offer much reprieve.

In some seasons, the weather can be very unpredictable. You should include elements in the restaurant design which allow you to offer customers much needed protection in such times.

You can get as creative with the shade and protection as you like. However, in this case, functionality far exceeds the need for aesthetic appeal.

Get The Furniture Right

The furniture in your restaurant is very important. It is especially so for an outdoor restaurant.

One aspect that your outdoor seats have to have is durability. They will be outdoors and exposed to the elements for long periods. Therefore, being waterproof is a big advantage.

You will also have to get furniture that is easy to move. You are going to be putting the seats inside your restaurant or storage space at the end of the day so portability is a priority. If you don’t want to pay many laborers to move bulky, large chairs.

Ultimately functionality and comfortability are the keys to selecting outdoor furniture.

Add Some Green to It

The thrill of eating outdoors entails eating among plants and animals. It is difficult to think about the outdoors without thinking green.

Your outdoor eating space should also be similar. Add some plants to the space. They can be trees or shrubs depending on what you desire.

If you can, add some flowers to infuse some color to your outdoor restaurant. However, be careful to choose plants that won’t attract insects like bees or wasps.

Variety is always better when choosing plants for an outdoor restaurant. Plants will also be environmentally friendly which should enhance the space.

For an amazing landscape that will seamlessly fit in, then a company like Garden Club London will help you design one.

Light it Up

When the weather allows it, dining outdoors at night is very satisfying. There is not only excitement but a sense of connectedness.

Lighting for outdoor dining at night is one of the things that will surely attract customers. Lights will often create the ambience of a venue.

Low lighting oozes more of a romantic vibe will bright lights can mean that it is a family restaurant.

Outdoor lighting also serves a security purpose. It will reduce the chances of a break in.

Bring The Heat

If you want customers to dine in your outdoor restaurant at night or on cold days, then you will have to keep them warm. Infrared commercial outdoor heaters cost less to operate than gas heaters.

Terrace heating is also a good heating solution for cold days.

You should ensure that your heating adheres to safety regulations. Energy efficient heaters are always the better choice.

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