Custom Home vs Spec Home

Custom Home vs Spec Home: What’s the Difference?


If you have completed any research into the process of building a custom home, it’s likely that you’ve heard of spec homes and custom homes. Understanding the difference between these two new home designs can help you decide on an option that will work for you.

Spec Homes

A spec home is built by the builder using a generic floor plan and without a buyer in mind. With a spec build you might have the option to choose a few colors or fix your options within the home but your choices will be fairly limited. Spec houses are built to the code requirements and they are usually designed based off of a generic floor plan that the builder has. A spec home can be a fantastic option because it’s already built and you can get into a home faster, but it could leave you wanting more with a series of custom options that are missing.

Custom Homes

A fully custom home is built to your exact tastes and for your property. You can customize everything from the level of insulation in the attic, to lay-out to the bathroom faucets and more. An in-home designer will work with you to determine the elements of your home that will suit your individual needs and lifestyle. Building a custom home can make sure that you will have access to all of the design elements and additions that are required to help you feel at your best in your home. Custom homes can also give you access to some budget improvements as you can cut out various elements that you would not typically seek in home design.

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