Directing Visitor Attention Through Design

Directing Visitor Attention Through Design


Did you know that interior design controls how visitors behave in your office? Through smart design choices, strong encouragement can be given to employees to behave in a certain manner. This effect can be way more powerful than what you imagine it to be. Afterall, when you get visitors to notice the best parts of your office or event to recognise your brand’s values, they are more likely to want to do business with you.

This is why it is important to have interior design services that take into account your office brand, aims and values. In turn, the interior design plan can be crafted to get a predictable user flow and experience.

Landmarks to have in your office

Produce interior monuments, such as art or familiar views, to assist people orient themselves within the workplace. Surface areas can also act as a wayfinding tool along with their other roles in the office.

Among the strategies we use in planning is that there are always angles, sightlines and key interior landmarks that will orientate individuals. It could be wall art. It could be sculpture. It could be a sightline towards a formal collaborative room that looks distinct from this side of the floor vs. that side of the floor, or a sightline towards the exterior.

We make use of the floor for a great deal of tactile and colour differences to help you understand what floor you’re on and the role of the area. We have branded illustrations on the core walls and colour changes, which is relatively conventional when it pertains to separating floor to floor. Yet since that’s what we do for a living, the floor is quite amped up.

Being functional at the same time

Big overarching brands that made use of to let their consumer-facing products speak for themselves are currently advancing with a transparent corporate message. Individuals no longer segregate client experience from a business’s cultural values.

Organizations are putting raised focus on how people feel and function better when wellbeing is supported holistically. Instead of just providing a gym or healthy and balanced food alternatives, companies are checking out how illumination, materiality, color, social spaces and various other aspects of the job experience aid people feel good.

Establish culture as well

Organizational culture should drive not simply the adoption of the open office idea, but the method you create open office layouts for your clients. Recognize what your clients require by comprehending their culture. You can accomplish this by getting to the heart of what the people who are utilizing the space desire and need.

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Take into consideration performing business surveys with staff members and make sure your layout charrettes consist of a representative sample from throughout your client’s company, not just a couple of essential decision-makers.

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