How to Clean Weathertech Floor Mats?
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How to Clean Weathertech Floor Mats?


Are you struggling with how you can make your weather tech floor mats look stunning and new at the same time? We all love cleaning and hygiene around us. If you are still wondering how to go about it, then search no more. However, you need to be sure that there is no slab leak in your home. This is because the leak will destroy your mats.

In this article, we are going to answer most questions that arise about wash and care for weather tech floor mats like;

  • Which is the best way to clean the weather tech floor mats?
  • Is Armor All recommendable for cleaning weather tech floor mats?
  • Is a pressure washer a good way to clean weather tech floor mats?
  • Can you make your weather tech floor mats look and stay new?

Which are the best ways applied to have a clean weather tech floor mat?

Every laundering is done; you need to be organized and know what to start with and how; it’s also the same with the cleaning of the weather tech floor mats.

Following the guidelines, you will be able to grasp more what should be done;

Dusting – out and housing

You start with the removal of the retention hooks from the hole of the mats, then dusting- out the excessive loose dirt on the floor mats.

By using either a water hose or tub, spray water and wash off the dirt.

Using All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)

Spray all over the floor mats with an All-Purpose Cleaner and let it settle while mixing a bucket of water and a mild working detergent, either liquid or powder soap. It’s recommended to not use strong detergents due to high chemical concentrations, which damages the mat.

Scrubbing off

Using a soft and clean brush, gently scrub the leatherneck floor mats until they are clean.

Rinsing and drying up

You can use a water hose or fill up water in a tub and splash it on the mats until all traces of soap and dirt are washed off. When washed and confirmed, it’s clean; you can dry it up.

Is Armor All recommendable for cleaning weather tech floor mats?

As stated earlier, it’s not advised to use strong detergents while washing weather tech floor mats. Since they damage the mats and make them weary and slippery. The floor liners became worn out easily, and they are weary.

Is a pressure washer a good way to clean weather tech mats?

If you have a regular home water hose or tub, it does a great job when washing. In case you have a pressure washer, it would do magic because it gets rid of all aggressive and hiding dirt.

Can you make your weather tech floor mat look and stay new?

With the proper care handle, your floor mats can always stay glowing and stunning the same way it looked when purchasing them. After cleaning and drying it up, when conditioned, it would be as good as new.

You can buy a floor mat protector, which is applied all over the mat surface and spread using a sponge or soft linking, then let it dry. Doing this gives your floor mats an anti-slippery and stain resistant wear, making it a more long-lasting effect.

Weather tech floor mats have a variety to choose from, but if you are the type who wants the best things. Good quality mats are made with rubber, the back cover, and ridges that distinguish dirt and feet.


Hopefully, after reading this piece and the simple ways mentioned, you are going to implement and help a friend in need of the skills. Best care always keeps our items in a good state to serve as long enough and look brand new.

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