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Important Things to Know About Basement Underpinning


Before starting any manual work, you must obtain a building permit. The nature of the project is that if it is done incorrectly, you can lose the house completely. If you start this project not knowing where to dig, how to dig, how much to dig, the foundation walls will slide under the main floor, and your kitchen will be in the basement.

Behind the walls of your basement, there is not only the earth but also its pressure.

To make sure your basement can even be lowered, you’ll need to hire an engineer. You can always look around and find a good deal, or maybe you have a friend who can make plans for you. However, most of the time, a basement maintenance contractor will be able to provide you with engineering services at little cost.

After receiving a building permit, you can get started. You don’t have the necessary equipment. Consider that to dismantle your existing concrete floor, a power generator, and a jackhammer to hook it up. While not impossible to come by, the rental rates will be much higher than a contractor, and the contractor you choose for your basement underpinning Toronto likely already has these tools in their inventory.

Getting the right tools depends a lot on patience and organization. Your basement foundation project can fall apart because you can’t handle a jackhammer. If you’re even thinking of attempting such an ambitious project on your own, it means you’re an experienced handyman with at least some building knowledge.

Now that you have everything you need and know how to use all the tools, take a look at the process. Most likely, your knowledge is limited to books and more likely to the internet. If you’re lowering your basement by following the instructions in the basement foundation toolkit, you’ll probably be better off than following advice on the internet.

Be careful to associate the success of your project with unstable words found on the internet; just like your footing under the slope, it can slide under you. Professionals who build basements for a living know all the ins and outs of their business, have faced various difficulties, and know how to get out of them.


If the reasons above don’t quench your thirst for extraordinary home improvement feats, consider the time. Most likely, you work full time and try to work on this project in your spare time. The simple fact will turn a week-long project into a month-long odyssey filled with rentals and unexpected difficulties.

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