Move Your Work From Home Set-Up With These 4 Hacks
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Move Your Work From Home Set-Up With These 4 Hacks


Most employees have been working from home because of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean lives have been completely put on hold. In several parts of the world, life is back to almost normal, and for some, the need or want to move to a different area is one of them. And since we basically have our work setups at home now, you’ll need to know how to get them properly packed and ready for the truck.

If you’re one of those, you’re in luck. Today, we’ll share with you some of the best hacks that even your cheap Interstate Removalists swear by. Check out these four amazing tips on how to move with your work from home setup.

Take Out The Toner And Ink Cartridges From The Printer

Whether you work from home full time or you have a business, the chances are that a printer is part of your setup. If you want to make this the easy way, you’ll probably end up unplugging the printer from the sockets, putting it inside a box, and it’s a done deal. However, that’s not really the best move. The toner and ink cartridges might burst, break, or leave during transit, so it’s smart to take those out first and pack them in their own plastic bags. That way, you can ensure that you still have useable ink and toner, plus, no messy accidents during the move.

Cut Out Handles Into Boxes For Easy Lifting

Depending on your budget and your removalist in Kellyville by Bill Removalists Sydney chosen, you might find yourself with regular boxes that aren’t so easy to carry. But, if you have an X-ACTO knife or any cutter that’s sharp enough, you can easily transform your plain boxes into easy-to-carry ones. Just be careful not to cut out the handles too close to the top so you avoid rips.

Use A Rubber Wheeled Dolly For Heavier Or Multiple Items

If you’re choosing to pack your items and move them yourself, make sure to get a wheeled dolly or at least borrow one from your friends or family. Lugging boxes in and out of your home/office can put a strain on your back, and dragging said boxes can also damage your floor. To make things easier for your back and your home, use a wheeled dolly.

Take Good Care Of Your Movers

It is not a secret that moving is expensive. It wasn’t your mover’s choice to take out all your stuff, pack them, place them in the truck, and then drive for miles. So no, no matter where you’re moving to and how many items you have to move with you, don’t forget to tip your movers and offer them refreshments during the day.

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It won’t be as huge as if you’re buying a massage chair for sale, but make sure you take that tip into consideration and get it ready for the day of your move

Final Word

Whether you have a huge home office setup or just a couple of work necessities, being smart and practical when it comes to moving will always pay off well. Preparing ahead of time is always a good move, and it won’t hurt to get a few good tips, such as this one, and advice from experienced friends, family, or colleagues.

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