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Types and benefits of float switches


A liquid level float switch is used to measure the level of a liquid inside a container. They exist in a broad range of types and each variety fits one of its numerous specific uses.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are devices that drain water from infiltration basins and its likes. The bigger-sized sump pumps make use of tethered float switches in conjunction with pump control relays to regulate your pumps or valves and maintain proper liquid levels.

However, if the power requirements are met, the ideal option is the use of an electronic pump switch, since it’s extremely efficient in making use of space, and can be relied upon in the long run.


Float switch links also come in handy for their use in cisterns for multi-purpose water storages. They can prove to be highly versatile and cost-effective. Moreover, they are available in many different varieties depending on your particular criteria and purpose, such as the different models of mechanical indicators.

Cooling Towers and Coolant Tanks 

Cooling towers and coolant tanks require float switches and tank level indicators to help keep the water levels at the determined amounts. While the level and vertical float switches can be highly useful to install in coolant tanks, the electronic mechanism of float switches can provide the highest possible degree of reliability that there is.

Hydraulic Reservoirs 

Hydraulic reservoirs are responsible for controlling the amount of liquid into and out of the hydraulic systems. They can operate exponentially as efficiently by saving time, effort, and cost, if the right kind of float switch, such as the vertical float switch or an electro-hydraulic float switch, is installed to make the process smoother.

Pond Levels 

Installing float valves inside your pond can help maintain the water levels inside your pond, which is extremely important to maintain healthy ponds. Float switches used for this purpose come in a generous variety, from sophisticated to simpler models, making it easy for you to find exactly what fits your needs and budgets.

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