Productive Home Office: 10 Tips for Working From Home
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Productive Home Office: 10 Tips for Working From Home


If you’re working from home, you know that it’s important to be as productive as you can. You also know that being a productive employee can be challenging when you’re not in a formal office setting. The good news is that there are ways to carve out the perfect office space and establish good habits when you’re working from home.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading to learn 10 productivity tips for working from home!

1. Dress the Part

Staying home doesn’t mean you should work in your pajamas and housecoat. You don’t necessarily have to wear your best suit or pumps when your commute is only a matter of feet, but it can be helpful if you dress the part — even at home. You’ll feel more polished!

Since video conferencing factors into remote working, be aware that there may be an expectation that you dress a certain way. Set up your office lighting so that you it flatters you and the clothes you wear. Ultimately, you’ll look the part and feel eager to work.

2. Embrace Structure

Among the biggest tips for working from home is to embrace structure. If you don’t have a boss stopping by to check on you periodically, it’s ease to slide into bad habits. And slacking off can hinder your productivity.

Set daily goals and stick to them. Take notes and track your hours. You’ll be much more productive and efficient with your time.

3. Talk to Your Family or Roommates

If you live with another person or an entire family, make talking with them one of your first moves. After all, if you’re on an important work call, the last thing you want is to hear your child banging away on a drum kit. Set ground rules so that everyone is on the same page and mindful of your work time needs.

4. Productivity Tips for Working from Home Including Keeping Regular Hours

While it might be tempting to work whenever you feel like it, you’ll be better off — and more productive — if you can maintain regular work hours. Your workplace may require you to do so anyway. If that’s not the case, make a point of scheduling your weekly hours.

Know when your coworkers or clients will want to hear from you, too. Not every job requires working the standard 9-5. But if your job requires communicating with people in different time zones, you’ll need to account for the time difference.

5. Carve Out an Office Space

When you’re working from home, you’ll want to create a space where you can be productive. If you’re lying down with your laptop on the sofa or sitting at the kitchen table, you might not feel the right level of professionalism to be at your best.

Choose a desk with enough space to accommodate your computer, notebooks, and other materials. Set up a few pictures of loved ones, find a comfy office chair, and make the space inviting. And even if you live in a smaller space like an apartment, you can go here to find some strategies for building the perfect home office!

6. Go Outside When Working from Home

Staying inside all day can deplete your energy. Make a point of scheduling in a few excuses to head outside. Whether that means walking the dog or making a quick stop at the grocery store, you’ll feel better if you go out.

Exercise is another great option. Go for a walk around the block to stimulate your mind at least once during the day!

7. Keep Tabs on Snacking

When you’re only a matter of feet from your kitchen, it’s easy to make too many trips to the refrigerator. Not only does this disrupt your workflow, but it also contributes to weight gain and lethargy. Snacks aren’t entirely bad — unless you overindulge.

Plan your snacks throughout the day. Put a serving of almonds and raisins into a snack bag for a healthy and protein-filled snack. Or keep a basket of fresh fruit within easy reach so you don’t go for a candy bar.

8. Give Yourself a Break or Two

In a formal office setting, you usually will see a break room. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to work continuously. Be intentional about planning a few short breaks during the day.

A 15-minute break from staring at a laptop is a good time to recharge your brain. Take a quick cat nap to rejuvenate yourself, or simply hang out with your dog for a fun diversion.

9. Stay On Top of Communication

When you’re working remotely, you don’t want to cut off contact from your coworkers — or your boss. It may be even more important than ever to check in, especially if you’re working remotely for the first time. You want to build trust and gain the confidence that you can be just as productive at home.

Use email to ask questions and stay engaged. And use a calendar on your computer to stay organized and set reminders to check in every so often.

10.Limit Social Media Use

Keeping tabs open on your computer with social media sites and other distractions can disrupt your workflow. That’s why you’ll be more productive if you find ways to limit or stop these distractions during your work hours.

The easiest solution is to log out of these sites. Consider rewarding yourself with some mindless scrolling during your designated breaks. But otherwise, plan on limiting your computer screen to your work obligations.

Start Being More Productive

Following these productivity tips for working from home can make working remotely an enjoyable experience. You can achieve just as much as you would in the traditional office setting. But you’ll have the flexibility that comes with being at home — and the opportunity to feel more comfortable.

To find the latest ways to make your living space better, check back for more informative articles!

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