10 Features to Include When You Build A Green Home
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10 Features to Include When You Build A Green Home


Due to the growing interest in green homes, builders expect at least 60% of their homes to qualify as green by 2030. Living in a green home offers plenty of benefits to the mind, body, and spirit. It feels good to know that you’re breathing natural air and everyone around you is comfortable.

So, if you want to build a green home, here are 10 essential features to consider.

1. Use LED and CFL Lighting

Going green in your home also means saving energy. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LED offer that. The lamps produce less heat and use less energy. They last longer than traditional lamps, making them the best lighting option for a green home.

2. Harness Solar Energy

The sun provides free energy that you can harness for a green home. The sun is a reliable source of clean and low-cost energy. Solar panel installation has become an important aspect for many homeowners because they provide green energy and ensure energy efficiency.

Your geographical location and how you place your solar panels play a big role in the amount of energy you’ll manage to harness. They can also improve the aesthetic appearance of your home when placed appropriately.

3. Use Geothermal Power to Build a Green Home

While geothermal power costs a lot when it comes to the upfront fees, they provide limitless green energy for your home. Geothermal power provides perfect heating and cooling that can serve you well all seasons.

During winter, the geothermal system moves heat from underground to your HVAC system. When summer kicks in, the AC will remove heat from your home and dissipate it underground just like a heat pump. In the long run, you’ll end up with both the heating and cooling system for your entire home.

4. Go for Renewable Materials

If you’re building a sustainable home, the materials you use plays a huge part in it. There are plenty of renewable materials that won’t cost a lot.

How about you choose natural linoleum tile for your bathroom and kitchen area? Or go for sheet metal from your recycling center instead of going for asphalt shingles or slate. Local goods will make a huge difference when looking for cheap, recyclable materials.

5. Insulate Your Home to Keep It Green

Insulating your home help lower your heating and cooling costs. Do you know what happens when you keep your cooling and heating costs low? You’ll not use a lot of energy for heating or cooling, which also means keeping your home green.

AC units will use minimal heat, and this will work well to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Make sure you seal all the passages so that there is no air escape. Proper sealing will ensure your insulation system works as effectively as possible.

6. Take Care of Your Windows

If you’re hoping to build a green home, the windows will be one of the things to consider. You need to choose energy-efficient windows right from the construction time. It’s good to do it when constructing your house so that you don’t have to replace them in the future and incur additional costs.

Look for an ENERGY STAR rating when buying windows to ensure you find a good and eco-friendly product. The ratings can also break down the windows depending on the climate zones to make it easy for you to choose.

The good thing about ENERGY STAR rated windows is that they cost almost the same amount as other standard ones. Things mean you won’t need a lot of money to make your windows more energy efficient.

7. To Build a Green Home, Build Small

Building a small home is one of the ways to go green. Reducing your footage ensures you reduce the amount of energy that your family will use. It all narrows down to how thoughtful you are with your home design regardless of land size.

Consider reducing the size of your living rooms or dining area to make a cozier bedroom. A small home can save you the much-needed energy and still provide the desired comfort. They also reduce maintenance costs by ensuring higher efficiency and lower impact.

8. Improve Your Thermostat

Thanks to smart technology, homes are now more affordable, smart, and green. Anything that can improve your home’s energy management is considered green. According to a report by NAHB, green home builders use at least 50% on smart home technology for their new homes.

One of the smart technologies is programmable thermostats, which is becoming extremely common in new homes. The high-tech thermostats ensure comfort and reduce the amount of energy you need to stay comfortable. To further enhance this efficiency and convenience, consider installing a smart thermostat.

9. Consider Doing Some Landscaping Work

A simple act as that of landscaping can help provide the required shade for your home during summer and the insulation needed for the colder months. EPA suggests that you plant trees that lose leaves on the western and southern sides to ensure this.

The trees will ensure you get shade and block infrared radiation that cools your home. When these trees lose their leaves during winter, they’ll allow sunlight to heat your windows, warming your house.

The plants also provide the needed support for the soil and wildlife. Take time to find plants that do well in the climatic conditions of your home. Consider those that are easy to maintain and require less water.

10. Consider Energy Star Appliances

If you’re thinking of building a green home, consider using Energy Star appliances. The appliances that use less energy will reduce your energy use and save your utility bills. Talk to your builders to offer high-quality appliances that will reduce both your electricity and water bills.

The Ball Is in Your Court

No one is going to force you to build a green home. But if you care about your environment, you don’t need to be reminded to take care of it.

Building a green home may seem expensive when considering the upfront costs, but you’ll end up saving if you consider the energy efficiency nature in the long run.

Do you need more help taking care of your home and keeping it healthy to leave in? This site has all the help. All you need is to read other informative articles found here.

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