Tips to Keep Cutting Tools Razor Sharp
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Tips to Keep Cutting Tools Razor Sharp




You can rarely find a house without any cutting tools. Yes, cutting tools are very important!

Slicing your bread, shaving or sharpening gardening tools all these tasks becomes easier when you have a razor-sharp cutting tool.

A dull blade makes cutting more difficult. A tool with dull blades requires more force to cut and might cause you a serious injury.

With simple maintenance and honing the blades of cutting tools, you can double the life of your cutting tools. Buy Cutting tools online to get assured for the quality tools in your arsenal.

Here are the best tips to keep the cutting tools razor sharp to make a clean cut

1. Use a Whetstone

Whetstone is a very handy tool for sharpening various kinds of cutting tools. However, whatever the sharpening tool you opt, frst always sharpen the blade of the tool and remove the dirt using kerosene oil or engine oil.

When using a whetstone to sharpen tools, wet the stone with some cooking oil, pick the knife, and rub it across that whetstone in long strokes. Slide it until you get the desired sharpness.

2. Use a rough grit stone to sharpen hard tools like Chisel

When sharpening tools like a chisel, one of the most important things to remember is that you are dealing with very hard steel. Use a rough grit stone to make razor sharp of these tools.

Apply some lapping fluid to the stone that assists in lubricating the stone. After lubricating, place the blade level (the side opposite to bevel side) on the stone. Move the blade level back and forth on the stone to sharpen it.

3. Use a sandpaper

Sandpaper is another sharpening hack, and it is easy to find. Sandpaper has a gritty surface which is perfect for buffing the tool’s blades. Make sure to have the sandpaper in plenty amount for clean sharpening of all your cutting tools.

Keep running the sandpaper over the blade edge for a well-honed tool. Sandpaper also offers a shiny finish to the blade.

4. File the Blades of the Tools

A flat file can be easily found in everyone’s toolboxes. It is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of skill to operate. You just need to run the flat file across the blade of the tool till razor sharp.

5. Use an iron sharpener for Iron tools

It is often used by mothers and chefs for easy and quick sharpening of the kitchen tools. You just need to pick two knives, one knife having a harder blade than the other. Brush these knives against each other for a well-honed and razor sharp tool in no time.

6. Opt for High-quality Sharpening tools

There are a wide variety of sharpening tools available in the market. These tools include diamond sharpeners, V-shaped sharpeners, and the ones that allow you to change stones from heavy grit to fine grit.

Incorporate these sharpening hacks to keep razor sharp tools. Make a smooth cut with the perfectly sharpened cutting tools and save yourself from the cutting hazards.

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