Kitchen Benchtops

Guide for Kitchen Benchtops and Resurfacing


The benchtop of your kitchen is one of the key factors that govern the appearance of your kitchen. The material for the kitchen benchtops in Sydney will be one of the deciding factors for the design of your kitchen.

It is really tough to decide between the materials, textures, and colours for the benchtops. You are sure to face confusion while deciding the right material for you as every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Give a read to know about the different materials available in the market and which is apt for your kitchen.

There are various materials available for kitchen benchtops in Sydney which may be durable if you choose wisely amongst them. Here’s a list of the materials.

  • If you are concerned more about the aesthetics, then marble benchtops can be the best option for you. They will beautify the look of your kitchen. Although, they are expensive and need maintenance but give an incredible beauty to your kitchen.
    The sad part is that they get scratched easily and are porous. They require resealing, quite often and get stained easily. Indeed, they are the first preference for high-end kitchens.
  • If you desire longevity along with an extravagant appearance in your benchtops, then granite benchtops will be apt for you. They are ranked amongst the most durable and hard-wearing materials. These benchtops are available in many colours but not the ones that are environment-friendly.
  • Getting something in contrast to your kitchen can be a good idea. Timber is the best to provide contrast to your kitchen by pairing it with different materials. Timber benchtops give a warm look. They come in various sizes and shapes as timber is a light material. The only disadvantage is that they require resealing because they get stained and scratched, quite often.
  • Are you searching for an affordable and easy to maintain material for your kitchen benchtop? Laminate benchtops are long-lasting and offer a range of colours to choose from! They are wear-resistant and possess anti-microbial properties. Unfortunately, they get damaged easily by heat and impact.

Now, kitchen resurfacing in Sydney is a brilliant alternative for renovation. The high-quality long-lasting finish can be obtained through kitchen resurfacing. Resurfacing gives a resemblance to new surfaces and saves your money more than you will spend on a replacement. It saves a lot of time which would otherwise be much more for renovation.

For those thinking of addressing the physical issues with your kitchen; kitchen resurfacing in Sydney is the right option for you. It is done by removing the existing finish, scraping and sanding. It can be called a cosmetic improvement. It repairs the dents, scratches and faded colours on the kitchen structures.

Basically, laminate or wood veneers are laid down to give a natural look to the kitchen structures. The kitchen resurfacing provides a glossy finish. The coatings applied are durable and add value to the property.

They are designed particularly for vanity tops, hard surfaces, and kitchen & commercial benchtops. This will save you thousands; that you will otherwise invest in your renovation. So, give a quality finish to your kitchen with kitchen resurfacing.

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