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Ankarsrum Stand Mixer – Make Your Life Easier


We all find how we can make our life easier. Easy options are available there at this age. We just need to find those. A mixer is such an option in our day to day life that has been a significant thing to us for a few years. People were accustomed to mortar to grind something but it has been a lot easier with the grinding machine. In this technological era, we get what we want at our hands reach. We don’t need to put the extreme effort on what we used to do. With the help of a mixer machine, you can mix and knead smooth, silky dough easily and quickly. I am going to discuss a very popular and elegant looking mixer machine which is Ankarsrum stand mixer which is a Swedish product that is manufactured and assembled by hands. It has been sold over 30 countries.

First, let me give you an overview of this product.


  • This motorized mixer machine is made of stainless steel and pearl blue plastic.
  • It includes dough knife, dough scraper, dough roller, dough hook, a double beater with a 3.5 litre and a seven-litre plastic bowl.
  • You can control its speed from 45 to 130 RPM and timer knobs.
  • With 5 years of warranty, the description is easy to read.
  • Made with exceptional Swedish quality, you can use a wide range of accessories.
  • Removable power cord, instructional DVD and owners’ manual.


It was named as the small city of Sweden. The people of Ankarsrum built a very special highest quality kitchen tool. The machine has been used by many cooks as it gives extraordinary performances. There are true craftsmanship and hard work behind every Ankarsrum that lasts for a lifetime. That is why it has been an essential part of every Swedish kitchen. It’s renowned for its long-term reliability and quality whether you are making cakes, mashing potatoes or whipping meringue. A great all-purpose stand mixer makes it a world-class mixer and kneader. With its stunning look, it can make your kitchen a better place for creativity.

It includes two bowls – a stainless bowl and a 6.5-quart beater bowl. The latter gives you the functionality of beating up to 18 eggs. You can use it for creaming butter, making cookies. The beater bowl is stationary. It’s made of Tritan Co polyester so the beater bowl can be stronger even boiling liquids.

The former one, Stainless Steel mixes smooth, silky dough quickly and easily. It revolves as the mixer runs and as it turns out the deeply fluted roller acts as your fingers with the scraper mimicking the palm of your hand. The 7.5-quart stainless steel bowl holds up to 6.7 lbs of flour which can make 11.5 pounds of bread dough. The 600-watt high torque runs smoothly and quietly providing tremendous power to mix and knead.

You can select any speed from 45 to 130 RPM. There is an automatic speed sensor which adjusts the motor torque. The Ankarsrum stand mixer has been famous for its higher efficiency and power for years. The huge capacity of this mixer allows you to make various kinds of recipes at once.

If you are multitasking or you are busy with another job, there is no issue. The timer is there. You can adjust it according to your need. It does your work quietly and expertly when you are involved with on other tasks. The control panel is given for comfortable use and easy to read.

This metallic shell is available in various designs. With the glossy finish, Ankarsrum original mixer has 7 years of warranty which covers the motor and 1 year for all other parts of the machine. It adds a different dimension to your cooking experience. From blending, juicing, grating to meat grinding, sausage stuffing, the Ankarsrum can be your next buy.

It’s a lifetime investment for your kitchen. The mixer excels at producing high-quality dough which makes your baked food delectable. It is not only ideal for bread making but performs a remarkable range of tasks. With this incredible machine, you can discover a new level of cooking.

Where and how you can use

You can use it anywhere if it is a large or small household. With the machine, you get a complete helper and assistant in the kitchen. There are 16 different functions which you can use to blend, whisk, squeeze, grind or knead anything. The manufactures use only sustainable and environmentally friendly products which give aesthetic quality to the kitchen. You put your investment in quality. The assistant is suitable for a variety of cooking style. You get a cooking book also where you can find many recipes to make. With its easy to read the guide, you can adjust everything easily.

Is it worth to buy a stand mixer?

Now the question can come. Is it worth to buy a stand mixer? The answer is simple. It is very worthy. It is not only for professional cooks but common household also. Saving time is an important matter in our lives today. You can use your precious time to another job.

Hand mixer or stand mixer

There might be another question. Which would you choose – hand mixer or stand mixer? First, let me explain the differences.

Hand mixers

  • It is small, light and easier to operate.
  • Not so expensive like stand mixers.
  • You can’t go away when it is running and it takes a long time.

Stand mixers

  • More speed and power which is suitable for big batches of dough.
  • Hands-free so there is no issue if you are doing another job.
  • You can use it for many recipes.

With handling bigger jobs, stand mixers are ahead in the game. If you have a little more money to buy I would definitely suggest buying a stand mixer by which you can do smaller or even bigger tasks also.


Ankarsrum provides you with professional functionality and versatility. You would be surprised that it was in production since 1940 in Sweden. Christmas is gone but not the list of festivals yet. If you want to make cakes, mash potatoes or mix spices with other materials, then this one can be worth buying.

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