Dinning Room Décor

Dinning Room Décor – 6 Ways to Decorate your Pendant Lamps


A dining room table is a core piece of any living space and is far more used than just for having dinner or breakfast. It is therefore recommended to make sure that this furniture is clutter free whenever possible. Now cleaning off the table is always a chore, and when you do, the table looks bare and lonely. However, a great way to overcome this dilemma is by utilizing lights and pendant lamps in order to keep the table look decorated, even if there is nothing on it. has come up with a couple of ways to make a minimalist design look great!

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  1. Adding suspended lighting can cause a break in the eyeing, so people do not just see a long table with repetitive chairs.
  1. if the table is round, consider a pendant lamp that droops over the table, providing a great look and atmosphere to an otherwise regular and boring table.
  1. If you have a chandelier then this works great as is as this effect can have a very strong symmetrical impact.
  1. If your table is rectangular, maybe consider individual pieces all around the table. This helps to break up the monotony and create a great visual effect.
  1. Minimalism is best. If you have strong colours and impactful wallpapers throughout the dining room, maybe consider a much simpler lamp and avoid contrasts. However, if the room is bland, with white or off-white walls surrounding the table, consider strong colours and a more decorative lamp.

     6. Having a series of pendant lamps work much better than one singular            lighting piece.

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