The Perfect Use of the Cream Chargers for So Many Food Making

The Perfect Use of the Cream Chargers for So Many Food Making


For a more complete decoration, use a pastry bag, filling the bag with whipped cream and using the spout that most inspires you, for example one with a star tip . This allows you to create beautiful curls of cream along the walls of your cake or on its surface, replacing it with fruit or sugar paste decorations or adding them to them, perhaps alternating them.

Still not satisfied and want more from your decoration? With the same star point you can create whipped cream roses. To do this, it is not enough to press on the bag as to make curls, but you have to draw spirals, more or less large according to your taste and the decoration you have in mind, along the surface of the cake. As you By nangs / whippits from Mr Cream chargers and get them delivered day or night you can use it for.

  • You can opt to create a single large rose, starting from the edges of your cake up to the center: a quick and easy way that does not require a strong manual skill that will allow you to decorate for a pastry-proof result.
  • Have fun using food coloring to dye the cream, creating different shades on your cake: the irreplaceable taste of the cream will be maintained, while the visual impact will make your dessert even more delicious and captivating.
  • Giving vent to your imagination, mount different tips, such as those in the shape of a petal, flower or leaf, to create splendid floral decorations or, try garnishing your sweets with the wave-shaped spout to create wavy ornaments of different sizes. And again, for a romantic dinner sprinkle your cake with many small hearts of whipped cream.

To avoid the possibility of the whipped cream decorations becoming soft, make them when the cake has cooled, perhaps after having kept it for a while in the refrigerator. You can also use fixers for whipped cream, which help keep it voluminous. Among these, the gelatin sheets and the corn starch , to be put in the cream before whipping, or the lemon , to be sprayed once the cream is already whipped.

How To Use Whipping Cream To Fill

Delicate and frothy, whipped cream lends itself to being one of the best creams to fill your desserts. But not only that, the Chef Whipping Cream, once voluminized, is perfect for creating your salty mousses, like a simple tuna mousse , excellent for filling cream puffs for a delicious and gourmet aperitif.

But let’s get back to sweets. When you think of whipped cream as a garnish, the idea immediately goes to a beautiful and majestic birthday cake, made of cocoa sponge cake whose color contrasts with the white of the whipped cream, spread on the layers of the cake, giving pleasure to the sight and taste on the palate.

To prepare the cocoa birthday cake with whipped cream and raspberries, you will need two discs of sponge cake and whipped cream. Spread a part of the cream on the surface of the first sponge cake disc and, to give a touch of freshness, also add some raspberries.

Last Words

Now place the second disc on the first stuffed and decorate it giving vent to your imagination. Use the leftover whipped cream and raspberries, maybe even a few flakes of dark chocolate. Your cocoa birthday cake with cream is ready: bring it to the table for your special occasions and enjoy it in all its wonderful essence.

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