What does your bedroom design say about you?
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What does your bedroom design say about you?


How you choose to decorate your bedroom is an extension of your personality. Unlike decorating communal spaces such as a kitchen or a sitting room, your bedroom is yours, a private space you can totally relax in.

From nautical, country-modern to industrial and traditional, there are so many interior design styles you could adopt. As most styles crossover, here are the four most common styles seen up and down the country that are equally distinguishable. Find out what your bedroom decor says about you below. 


This is a fairly new craze that spans from the super minimalist decor of traditional Japan and Scandinavia. Typically, things are kept in their appointed place with clean sideboards and non-existant clutter hidden away. Storage systems are important with minimalist interior design. Hidden storage is often used, such as under-bed units from stores such as the Divan Beds Centre. The colour scheme is usually clean with just a few complementary colours used across the space.

What does it say about you?

You like your life in order and stress-free. You’re generally neat and tidy and you hate being late to appointments as you’re quite organised. Your fashion reflects a minimalist style with a simple, matching colour palette.

Shabby Chic

This much-loved trend has sprung up from DIY projects and the rise in upcycling furniture in the 1980s. The general idea is to try and reproduce an antique worn and rugged look found in flea market treasures. Typically, Shabby Chic uses natural woods for furniture and decorations to pair with pastel and stone colours for the walls and fabrics. For a bedroom, it’s not uncommon to see a generous amount of bedding with cushions, blankets and linen adding texture, warmth and depth to a room.

What does it say about you?

You’re hardworking and don’t shy away from a challenge. When it comes to personal fashion you prefer retro and vintage styles to modern looks. You’re quietly creative but confident with your efforts.


Bohemian decor focuses on comfort and creativity. The theme came to flourish during the 1960s and 1970s and grew with the rise of liberal movements during this time. More often than not, a Bohemian style is linked with artists and their unconventional, free-spirited way of life. Bohemian home decor often transcends into Bohemian fashion with the heavy use of coloured fabrics and contrasting patterns.

What does it say about you?

If you’ve chosen the colourful Bohemian style for your bedroom it shows that you’re not constrained by convention and you embrace any chaos and clutter in your life. It shows you have a warm personality who thinks creatively outside of the box.


Industrial interior design has become increasingly fashionable in the 21st century. Especially, in the consumer sector where you’ll see exposed brick walls in restaurants, retail shops and quirky office buildings. The main elements of an industrial look are to include raw, dark wooden furniture, exposed light fittings or copper pipes and steel accents. Usually, each element on a room is planned out with a minimalistic similarity. But, unlike minimalism rooms, industrial design carries a warm, rustic feel. Comfortable and stylish, you may often find pops of colour in artwork or photography.

What does it say about you?

As the industrial design craze is fairly new, you’re someone who looks to find and implement the latest trends, whether that is home design or fashion. You’re creative, but also logical and appreciate home comforts. You choose this design trend to fit in with your busy schedule.

No matter how you decorate your bedroom, enjoy creating a space that’s unique to you and an extension of your personality.

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