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How to Select a Suitable Architect to Construct Your New Home or Villa?


Experience counts. Expertise resounds. Moreover, suitability assumes more importance than eligibility when it comes to hiring an architect to build your home. Someone suitable to build your dream home is more appreciated than one with mere skills and abilities. Most architects have standard designs, patterns and systems and tend to push their ideas to you though with customizations. But, it is better off that you choose a suitable architect who understands your persona and works for your specific needs and dreams getting your details from scratch.Someone who will show you a detailed sketch of your dream home capturing and putting in all your dreams and aspirations. His artwork or floor plan should give you the confidence that the architect is going to build your home with your own dreams and expectations and not construct it merely with his ideas and skills. Check Architects near me.

All that said is fine but how to choose the right and suitable architect? You have to talk to eligible architects to know more about them and then choose one of them that you find the most suitable to build your home for you. The idea is to choose the architect who is prepared to listen to you instead of ones who talk themselves out. Someone who takes your inputs, works on the same, adds innovation and ideas and shows you what he is capable of.

Consider the following criteria to select the ideal architect for you.

Incredible Credentials

Before looking into their skill sets and workmanship of the architects, it is better to check their credentials as to how many projects that they have successfully completed and delivered. If an architect possesses sound knowledge and knows what he is really talking about, his experience matters only second. In the credential check, determine if his intentions are good and that he really cares about your passion and expectations about your home. You can know more about an architect by going through his website, various other sources and by having conversation with him. His or his team’s integrity matters a lot to you because you are investing your lifetime earnings or a huge sum of money by trusting him or his team.

You have to ensure that your investment is safe and that your house gets built within your time frame. You should just be inspired by their sugary talks, fiery presentations or whatever. A good, credible, trusted and composed architect will not push or pull you through the process but will rather wait and listen to you keenly and answer each one of your questions patiently until you are satisfied with his answers and credentials. Anyway, it is your responsibility to crosscheck his claims and accolades.

Exhilarating Experience

If the architect that you have chosen has immense experience in the field and a great portfolio of sorts, it is welcome. Let him explain and demonstrate to observe, understand and see his level of expertise, depth of knowledge, variety of ideas and plethora of options. Try to know what scales and types of projects that he can handle along with the quality, capability, ability and integrity of his team.

Flawless Flexibility

You should not fall for only the skills and expertise of the architect. If an architect is demonstrating down-to-earth flexibility and extreme patience to listen to your simplest ideas and inputs, he is an ideal choice. It is after all your home. So, you can have the audacity to discuss even insignificant ideas and expectations with him. Never hesitate to share your feelings or expectations dreams or or hold back your wishes with the architect in the fear that they may cost you the moon. It is their job to give you the estimate and finally, your prerogative to accept or not.

Nobody is going to charge you for letting them know about your dreams and aspirations. If the project estimate falls within your budget, you will go ahead or you will chop off the creamy layer and go ahead with other necessary frills. It is all that simple. Choose such an architect who proves to be affable, flexible, flawless and accountable through to the end. To hire the best Architects in Coimbatore, click here.

Utmost Transparency

As you are building a home with a huge investment, it is not wrong to expect your architect and his team to be transparent in their dealings. Incase if the architect is not transparent and does not let you know the quality of the material used in the construction of your house, how will you be sure that house is going to be strong? You have every right to know what kinds of inputs and ingredients are going into your home. Otherwise, you may be assuming that you are going to stay in a safe home, but in actuality it may not because the ingredients are compromised or tampered with. So, the transparency of the architect is paramount to your healthy and sturdy home.

Killer Skills & Abilities

If your architect has killer skills and a great amount of expertise, it is good indeed. Those architects with distinctive skill-sets and tremendous expertise will be able to pull off excellent designs and scintillating ideas within your own budget and offer you with multiple options and suggestions that will make your home a great home.

Commitment to Schedules & Deadlines

Skills and credibility apart, the architect should be time bound. He should be able to work to suit your schedules and should finish your project within your time frame. Look at how all his past projects were completed and delivered. Check if there is a consistency with also what he claims and what he actually achieved.


Architects with all round expertise and experience are the most suitable to construct any type of building. Irrespective of whether you are planning to build a home or a villa, never compromise on the quality of the builder. In fact finding them is not really tough. You should only take the necessary caution, follow the criteria and engage the best architect team based on their merit, experience and integrity. If you can find one such team, select them without batting an eyelid.

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