Garden & Outdoor Furniture Ideas

11 Creative and Inspiring Garden & Outdoor Furniture Ideas


There is nothing quite like hosting outdoor dinner parties. With a number of things that can go wrong already, I start to doubt my ability to pull off a dinner without any hitches by taking things outside. Bothersome mosquitoes and unreliable weather is the perfect recipe for a stressed host, especially when I have to focus on not burning a seemingly infinite supply of chicken kebabs. To remove the stress, I’ve found that having an outdoor space that you love, means your guests will love it too, and as long as they’re happy, they’ll be willing to overlook the much overdone meat. With these 11 simple tricks, you’ll be excited to showcase your outdoors throughout summer and winter. Visit Domayne Australia for an enviable selection of Outdoor lounges, sofas, daybeds and complete lounge settings to make your backyard look a million bucks.

1. Fire Pit

Fire Pits are a crowd favourite when it comes to outdoor entertainment. Whether you choose gas or wood fired pits, you can enjoy the warmth and light that it exudes as the night breeze comes through.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Don’s miss out on the party with an outdoor kitchen. Continue to be an available host for your guests as you cook out on the deck. Have the aromas waft through your party while also encouraging a team of helpers so you aren’t overwhelmed!

3. Multilevel Deck

If your backyard is not a flat area, you can create a multileveled deck. Not only is this practical and less expensive than levelling your yard, you also in turn create a relaxed atmosphere that allows for guests to disperse and have individual conversations as more people arrive.

4. Open-Plan Configuration

When choosing the layout for your deck, it’s a good idea to think ‘open-plan’. Have your furniture face one another to encourage conversation – just make sure that there is still enough room for your guests to move around your deck without having to squeeze past cumbersome seating arrangements. Furniture sets from Domayne such as the Retreat 4-Piece Outdoor Lounge Package showcase style with distinct frames and a matte powdered coating that both protects the set while being appealing. Available in a number of configurations, find your perfect match to suit any outdoor space.

5. Built-In Seating

For those running low on space, built-in furniture can be the answer to give your guests a comfortable spot to unwind without the look of being cramped or feeling boxed in.

6. Plants with Privacy

One of the aspects of feeling relaxed and comfortable is the feeling of having your privacy. As many backyards lack privacy due to multi-storey homes, the additions of bushes or trees can give you instant privacy while adding an organic atmosphere.

7. Plush Pillows

Pillows not only add comfort to your outdoor settings but they also can be the source of a pop of colour to give life to a neutral configuration.

8. Colour Statements

Whether it’s through the addition of pillows, plants or art, a simple burst of colour can be a game-changer to bring life and excitement to any outdoor entertaining area.

9. Good Wood

Even if you had the most out of date furniture, the wood on you deck can save the day. If you have a well maintained and lacquered wood, you can breathe life back into a dull space instantly. If you need an update on your deck furniture, The Osby Outdoor 5-Piece Balcony Setting for example is elegant and sophisticated in its design and yet costs under $1000 for the whole 5 piece set. Visit Domayne Australia to see more of these amazing deals and bargains on all their outdoor lounge settings and garden furniture.

10. Mood Lighting

As the night draws on, don’t let bright LED lights create a harsh ambience for your night. Soft ambient lighting can gently give a warm appearance to your deck and keep the party going all night.

11. Storage Space

Maximise your space by having an area to store extra pillows or other outdoor accessories through recesses in walls or pieces with an inbuilt storage capacity.

I may still be working on mastering the technique of a BBQ however; I thin live found the perfect way to spruce up any outdoor space. Nothing can really compare to a beautiful outdoor meal in the cool summer nights surrounded by a flow of drinks and close friends. So whether you decide to brave the BBQ like me or even just order a stack of pizzas, make your outdoor space one that you’re proud of and watch as your friends and family love it just as much as you and experience their night in luxurious comfort.

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