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How to choose the size of my awning?


The awnings are essential to protect the exterior of the housing. Choosing the perfect refuge, whether for a terrace, a facade or a backyard, is complicated. Today, there are many varieties of awnings and alternatives available for sale in the market. If you are looking for Shades Sails you can try SD SAILS because SD Sails are always prepared to sit down and figure out a solution that’s right for us.

First, where is the awning to be installed? There are several types of awnings depending on the needs of the consumer. A small awning for a balcony is not the same as a sail awning. After answering this question, comes the next one, how to choose the size of the awning?

To know the size of an awning, two things are measured: width and depth. Its measurements consist of two figures, the first refers to the width and the second to the depth.

If an awning is to be installed on a terrace or a balcony, a small space, the width of the space is measured, and it is selected between a folding arm awning or a fixed arm awning. In the case of an awning with folding arms, the length is measured to achieve the greatest possible shade. As for the depth of an awning with fixed arms, it extends from the anchoring point to its arms in extension. As its name suggests, it cannot be extended beyond its size, since it remains fixed.

Regarding the other options, a facade is a specific space and you have to think how long the canvas has to be to project sufficient shade. For larger gardens or backyards there are fixed or sail awnings. Your measurements do not pose a problem you just have to think how big they should be.

The projection of the shadow is something that must be considered before choosing the measurements of an awning. For example, if an awning is two meters wide, it provides shade of one meter, if it measures three meters, it is two meters of shadow and so on. Generally, a standard awning measures 2.5 meters wide, but you can always direct to awning companies to buy one made to measure

But what is the price of an awning? Its cost depends on several factors, such as its size, type of fabric, canvas, structure, whether it is manual or motorized, etc. The price is approximately between 55 euros to 2,000 euros. That’s how big the difference is. Therefore, awnings for balconies and terraces, smaller than the awnings for courtyards, are much cheaper. In the same way, the awnings with integrated hood are more expensive than the awnings without a hood, as well as the motorized awnings with remote controls or more extra accessories are more numerous than the manual awnings. In summary, the prices vary according to the needs and preferences of each consumer.

There are numerous shops that have awnings of all kinds for sale. In Amazon you can find awnings in sail at 35-43 euros or on the website where they offer awnings even at 40 or 50 euros. However, if an awning has to serve more than ten years, more than 30 or 40 euros must be disbursed. An awning brings shade, well-being and harmony to any home, especially on the hottest days.

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