What Causes A Furnace To Stop Working And How To Fix It
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What Causes A Furnace To Stop Working And How To Fix It?


Freezing temperatures in winters can make you shiver. Winter is the time of the year when you need your furnace the most. Once the furnace begins its work, your home will be warm and cozy, and you can kick back and watch your favorite movie, or simply cuddle up and read a book. Usually, the furnace remains idle during the summers. When the furnace is turned on for the first time at the onset of winters, many people find that their furnaces are not working. This is the time when the furnace is needed most, and when it doesn’t work, it is highly frustrating. If you are stuck in such a situation like this, it is recommended that you try some common fixes on your own before thinking about furnace repair in Canton. In case the problem cannot be sorted despite of trying on your own, it is recommended to get a consultation from a reputable company offering services for furnace repair.

Mentioned below are some issues which might cause the furnace to stop working:

There Might Be Issues with the Thermostat – In many cases, it has been seen that there is no problem with the furnace at all. It is the thermostat, the main control center of the heating system, which causes the problem. Check the thermostat and set it to ‘heat’ instead of ‘cool.’ Open the panel of the thermostat and blow it out gently. If there is dust or debris, this action will remove the particles that may be interfering with your thermostat. The thermostat should be set 5 degrees above room temperature when checking if it is functioning properly.

Check the Gas Valve that Might Be Closed – Until and unless the gas valve is turned on, no gas will enter and there will be no heating. There are high chances that the gas valve is closed during summer, and has not been turned on. Also, it could be that some repair work might have been done and the valve was closed, and no one remembered to turn it on. Turn the gas valve on, and you will be good to go.

The Air Filters On the Furnace Might Be Very Dirty – This is probably one of the most common causes which lead to the furnace not working. If the furnace filters are very dirty, the return air flow to the furnace will be blocked. When the filter is dirty, the volume of hot air which is blown out is reduced significantly. With less hot air blowing out, one feels chilly as proper heating doesn’t take place. There are chances that the furnace will shut down when the heat exchanger overheats. Soot build-up in the heat exchanger also takes place with dirty air filters on the furnace. The furnace is not able to run smoothly and hampers the lifespan of the device too. Clean the air filters at regular intervals for proper functioning of the furnace.

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Along with these issues, there might be leakages in air ducts causing improper heating. However, if you have any doubt or confusion, seek professional help. Contact Sinclaire Home Services for reliable furnace repair in Canton. Call us today at (508) 668-8200.

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