The Ultimate Roof Window Buying Guide

The Ultimate Roof Window Buying Guide


Adding roof windows to a home can instantly transform it into a bright living space with less reliant of the artificial lighting. Roof lights will help you make the most out of natural light, and with the right placement, they create an illusion of more space. There is a lot you need to know about installing windows in the roof, and this guide will provide you with all that information.

Why should you choose to install with windows?

So many benefits come with roof windows, with the major advantage being additional natural light. Roof windows are especially perfect for loft conversions, but they are also great in bringing illumination to dark rooms or corridors in a home. In a nutshell, roof windows allow you to make the most of natural light.

How much light should you add?

The amount of light that your home will receives highly depends on the aspect and direction of your roof window. If you intend to work in that room or you’ll want to install a roof window in your living area then you can make it brighter. If you install the window facing south, you will have light throughout. If you install it facing north, with you will get a muted light. If you install it facing east, you will get direct light during the morning hours, and it will fade as the day ends, and if you install it facing west, you get a bright light in the afternoons. Consider how much light you want so you can place your roof window right.

The best roof windows

Centre pivot windows come with a single glass panel and they open and close from a vertical centre. You can choose windows that have an electric control if installed in a hard to reach place. Choose top hang with windows if headroom or space is a premium.

Creating a sun panel

Sun tunnels are an incredible solution when you need to brighten up a room that would not get natural lights normally. Sun tunnels channel lights from the roof, down to a very reflective tube and into your room. These usually provide the same illumination roof windows do, but you don’t need to open your ceiling up to get it.

 Creating an atrium effects

You can transform the average room through the use of multiple windows that create the atrium effect. These are usually installed within weatherproofed wood, and they allow light in the rooms using different angles to maximize natural light entry.

 Choosing the window material

The type of window material you choose highly depends on the pitch of your roof, the roofing material, as well as the size of your room. Polyurethane is usually low maintenance and moisture resistant finishing is really good for kitchens and bathrooms where humidity is always high. If you want to go for a traditional look you can choose lacquered wood windows, and you can opt for more lacquer so that the windows are protected from elements.

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