7 Awesome Cleaning Hacks

7 Awesome Cleaning Hacks


Very few people can say that they enjoy cleaning. With a 9-5 job, I find that my weekends are spent scrubbing at the walls and floors for hours until I’m too tired to enjoy my two day break. With stains and grime that made a home for itself all around my home, no matter how much I scrubbed away, they would always remain. Frustrated that I was cleaning a house that would always be dirty, I uncovered some cleaning hacks that evicted these tough stains and made cleaning on the weekend a swift and easy job. These tips require only household items and a decent vacuum cleaner so head to Harvey Norman to see a full range of Dyson Vacuums and let these seven hacks change your life.

1.Heat It Up!

If you like your food to come out of the microwave piping hot, there’s a chance its walls are coated in a layer of food remnants and dried sauce. Put a heatproof bowl in your microwave filled with a litre of fresh water and detergent and heat away for a minute. The grease and grime will wipe away with ease with a wet sponge.

2.Clean Air Vents With A Vacuum.

Air vents can harbour years of dust and can easily start to clog up over time. Keeping your vents clean not only gives better air flow, but it means your home doesn’t need to work as hard to push through clean air, saving you money on your electricity bills! The Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a long reaching attachment with soft bristles that means you can get in between you vents no matter how high up they are. With it being both lightweight and cordless, you can stay on top of the cleanliness of your vents and notice the difference yourself!

3.Use A Hairdryer To Remove Water Rings From Wooden Furniture.

Inviting guests over always leaves room for risk that something in your home will meet its fate. Bumping into tables or bookshelves can shatter ornaments or even something as simple as leaving a cup on the table without a coaster can leave a permanent mark…or so you think. Use a hairdryer on a  low setting to remove water rings from wooden furniture and then refresh with olive oil.

4.Use Baking Soda To Refresh Carpets.

Bring your carpet back to life by sprinkling baking soda around its surface and letting it stand. After 20 minutes, vacuum your carpet to see your carpets look brand new! The Dyson Big Ball Origin Vacuum Cleaner features a dual mode suction control which allows it to give any floors a thorough clean – even deep pile carpets!

5.Always Remember ‘VB!’

Unfortunately, I don’t mean crack open a cold one to help you with your cleaning. Making a 50/50 solution of Vinegar and Baking Soda is a magical mix that can help bust through grime and grease around your home. Use it on your oven to tackle the built up scraps or even use the solution with an old sock to bring life back to your blinds.

6.Use Your Minions!

When it comes to the chores, I like to enlist help where I can. The Dyson V7 Animal vacuum is a great light weight, cordless option that is perfect for kids to help out with. Its digital motor allows for up to 75% more brush bar power and it has multiple configurations to clean all parts of your home. With a hygienic dirt ejector your kids won’t come into contact with any harsh chemicals ensuring a safe environment for your family.

7.When Life Gives You Lemons…

Give your bathroom sink and shower a deeper clean with the simple addition of a lemon. Simply slice the lemon in half and rub it over soap and scum stains on your faucets for a shiny, brand new finish.

Thanks to these tips, I was able to save myself from slaving away on the chores as my weekend dwindled away into a frustrating scrubbing match. When it comes to cleaning, you can find a lot of your products in your very own pantry or under the kitchen sink. Solutions made of household essentials are your best bet when it comes to removing tough stains and it’s the cheapest choice as well! As long as you’re equipped with a good quality vacuum who can be your partner in crime, you might even start to enjoy your weekly clean. 

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