Indoor Green Wall

Enhance your House’s Indoors Beauty with Fake Green Walls


If you are an owner of the house, then you may have already thought of incorporating plants into the house’s walls to enhance the interior beauty of your house. Well, it makes sense. Having some beautiful plants inside your home will let your guests enjoy a unique environment, and it lightens the mood. Besides, plants reflect your personality.

However, if you have some real plants in your home, then you need to watch them carefully as they will die with time. There is no need to blame yourself for this as your house’s indoor environment condition can affect the plants. Besides, the plants need a good amount of sunlight. So, how can you give your interior greenery look? The best thing that you can do is buying some artificial greenery or a fake Indoor Green Wall.

Reasons to choose artificial greenery or plants for your home

They don’t need any regular maintenance

Unlike real plant, there is no need to watering the artificial plants. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the sunlight and soil type for the growth of the plants. Fake plants or greenery do not need grafting, pruning or other types of maintenance. It can be said that Indoor Green Wall is maintenance free.

These are infestation free

Unlike the real indoor plants, fake indoor plants never get infested with harmful pests. Besides, they have lower of chances of containing other insects and parasites. So, you don’t have to apply harmful pesticides on the plants. They also keep away you from getting affected with infection and diseases.

Easy to install

Fake greeneries are quite easy to install, and they can be installed on any kind of surfaces. All you need some fake plants or grass and some simple tools. You are ready to create the Indoor Green Wall. They are available in ready-made.

They will not die

As they are non-living objects, they will never die. Your wall will continue to look beautiful and green throughout all the seasons.

A great factor of portability

One of the major advantages of artificial plants or green wall is they are portable. Take them anywhere you want without worrying about any damage. Today you can install them on your bedroom wall; tomorrow you can put them on the dining room’s wall. They are fake and Portable Indoor Green Wall. No need to take the help of any professional for this.

You can create it at your home

You can create an Indoor Green Wall at your home, or you can buy it in the local market. All you need some require and basic materials and follow the instructions given on the site from where you have brought the fake plants or green walls. You don’t need any expert’s help.

Ready to use

Unlike natural plants, fake green walls or plants don’t need time to grow. There is no need to wait, they are ready to install, and you can start decorating your home wall immediate after getting those.


Keeping your house filled with real plants or greenery can be very expensive as you will have to change them after a certain period. But nowadays, you can buy high quality indoor vertical garden to create a green wall at an affordable price.

How to choose a perfect vertical garden for your home?

There are certain factors which you need to consider while buying a vertical artificial garden. These are:


Not all the surfaces come with the same length. So, you need to decide if you want a longer one or a shorter vertical garden.  If you have a large room, you can go for a longer fake vertical garden.

The color of the garden

Different fake garden products will use different color shades and waves. You will find dark green colored artificial grass to other types of grasses come with brown yarns to offer a naturalistic look. They will greatly enhance the beauty of your room.

Grass density

The look of the garden also depends on the grass’s density. Thick grass will offer you a luxurious look that will look like the plushest law. To get a relaxed and neat look to choose thin grass.

The durability of the artificial garden

Generally, artificial grasses are much durable. There are some artificial grasses available that are quite hardwearing and the low-use gardens. Look out for the material used in the products. Check the site to get details about it.

The interior design of your room

Consider the interior style of your room and choose one that will go with the design. Don’t try to disturb the design. Before buying in bulk quantity, first, take samples and see which design and color look perfect with your room’s design. That will complement your bedroom and house. If you are buying online, ask for a sample to avid the artificial grass or garden that you don’t like.

Artificial Indoor Green Wall will not only enhance your room’s look, but it will also show off your style statement.

Don’t know which one to buy? Contact us or visit our site to get suggestions about it. We can suggest you the best theme for your house’s interior. It’s time to impress your guests by installing a green wall in your house.

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