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Top 7 Signs You Need a Window Replacement


Are your home’s windows as good as they should be? We depend on our home’s windows to let in natural light, fresh air, and to create a beautiful facade.

However, over time, windows can wear and damage, putting our houses at serious risk. You may not want to think about window replacement for your home, as it sounds like a big project to take on, but sometimes it just needs to be done. How do you know if your home’s windows need replacing?

There are a few clear signs you need to look out for—keep reading to find seven indicators that you need to replace your windows.

  1. Cracked or Broken Glass

One of the most obvious signs that you need window replacing is cracked or broken glass on your windows. While tiny cracks can sometimes be fixed, anything larger than about an inch will require replacement.

While we all know windows can crack from impact, such as a rogue baseball, windows can also crack from pressure or stress over time. If any of your windows have cracked, then it’s probably time to think about replacement.

  1. The Windows Are Fogging Up

Have you noticed your windows fogging up? While we expect this occasionally from our car windows, it shouldn’t be happening frequently on your home windows.

You may see your windows fogging once in a while, but if it’s happening often, this means there’s something wrong with your window’s sealant. If air is getting through your window, or getting trapped between the double panes, it could mean your windows are past their lifespan.

Or, this may be able to be fixed by just replacing the panes of glass, instead of the entire window.

  1. Increasing Electricity Bills

Are you experiencing sticker shock each month when you look at your energy bill? Or, are you finding that you need to crank up the heat each winter more and more, but your home still feels chilly?

Check with your electricity companies in Houston to determine if their plans and rates meet your demands and will not increase your power bill.

If so, this is likely due to drafty windows. If air is getting in through old or damaged windows, then the cold air in winter is constantly going to make your home uncomfortable.

To lower your energy bills, you may find that window replacement or repair can help. New windows will stop cold or hot air from seeping into the house, making it easier to control your home’s temperature.

Plus, your wallet will thank you!

  1. Safety Concerns

When you move into a new home, it’s smart to be concerned about the safety of your family. While burglaries are uncommon in most neighborhoods, they can happen, and it’s often ground-floor windows that they use to enter the home.

If your windows don’t lock properly, can easily be broken, or can be opened from the outside, then you’re making it easy for thieves to access your property.

Replacing your windows with newer, more secure windows will help keep your home safe. You’ll also want to always lock your windows and doors when you go out, making it tough for unwanted intruders to get in.

If you live in a high-crime area, you may also want to install protective bars on the ground-floor windows for extra protection.

  1. Water Is Leaking Inside

If you’ve noticed water leaking into your home through the windows, this is a clear sign that you need replacement windows. Water entering the home means your windows are leaking and are probably no longer structurally sound.

Once water gets into your home, you’re also at risk for mold damage. Mold can be a huge nuisance and can cause health problems, such as asthma-like symptoms.

While you may be able to seal it with weather stripping, this is just a temporary solution and water will still probably enter if you have a big storm.

The cost of water damage to your home can run into the tens of thousands, so the average window replacement cost is much lower in comparison. Expect to pay around $450-$600 for a vinyl replacement window or $800-$1,000 for a wood replacement window.

  1. Drafty

Do you feel a cool draft coming in through your windows? If so, you have a problem.

If windows are properly sealed, you shouldn’t feel a draft coming in, as they should be airtight. Drafty homes can be uncomfortable to spend time in, especially for children or the elderly who may be more sensitive to the cold.

  1. You’re Unhappy with Their Style

Over time, preferences and styles change. If you look at your outdated windows and are no longer with how they look, it might be time for an update.

If you’re remodeling the home or are just in need of a more modern look, that’s a perfectly valid reason to update your windows! Visit a home renovation store or look online to get ideas, then find a new style of window that will better suit your preferences.

Find a Window Replacement Company to Get Started

If you can relate to any of the signs above, then it’s probably time to consider a window replacement. New windows will improve the comfort and style of your home, but they can also add value to your property if you’re thinking of selling in the future.

Start researching window replacement companies in your area and find a reliable and experienced company that can get the job done for you. Soon, you’ll be loving the look of your brand-new windows!

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