Your Guide to Driveway Gate Styles

Your Guide to Driveway Gate Styles


If you’re looking to boost security in your own home, driveway gates are a great first step. Not only are they highly effective in securing your home, but they can also look quite sleek and stylish. Many can be customized to fit your house is aesthetic or style, too.

Getting a driveway gate can seem a little bit complicated at first, but with some forethought and consideration, you can choose a gate that fits your needs. Here are some of the most important things to consider when looking into driveway gates.


Most people who are looking to install a driveway gate do so for the added security. A driveway gate allows you to control who has access to your driveway and, therefore, who has access to your home.

People might want the added security of a driveway gate for many reasons. If you are a public image or person, you may want to protect against any unwanted attention or attempts to contact you. If you feel like your personal safety is at risk, front gates are also a great option.

If security is your main priority, make sure to think about how your gate will be opened. Some open using keypads with designated codes, which would allow you and any guests you share the code with to open the gate. Others are remote entry and work like garage doors, meaning your guests would need to find another way in.


Another great advantage of driveway gates is that they provide you with additional privacy for your home. This is especially true when your gate is attached to a perimeter fence.

If privacy is your goal, there are some special things to consider about your future gates. For example, how tall would you like your gate to be? What kind of material will you choose, and will it need to be opaque? How often will you have time to repair your gate?


Speaking of materials, these also relate to the image you want your gate to portray. You’ll probably want to choose a gate material that matches the style of your house somehow. For example, a rustic wooden gate might look out of place in a modern neighborhood.

The material you choose will also determine how you need to maintain your gate. For example, metal gates are famous for being long-lasting and low maintenance, but may not give the privacy of a solid wooden gate.


On a more practical note, you’ll also want to consider how much space you have to lend to a date. For example, the way your gate opens and closes will have an effect on how much space it will take up.

A gate that swings open is pretty space-intensive, as it will need to have room to open and shut. This is especially tricky for cars, as you don’t want to end up getting hit by the gate as it swings in or out!

Many driveway gate owners choose a sliding gate for this exact reason. They take up less space from front-to-back, but will require more space side-to-side so they’re able to fully slide open.

Driveway Gates: The Bottom Line

No matter what your priorities for your driveway gates, the most important thing is that you choose something that fits your needs.

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