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DIY or Professional Doors and Windows Installation!


One question which certainly comes up when homeowners’ lookout for replacement windows and doors Calgary is, who will install the product once it is delivered. With a small amount of knowledge and practice, it is surely possible to replace the doors and windows on your own and save a good amount of money in the end. But while looking out for the best deal, a lot of people forget the real reason why they are getting new windows installed- it is to bring long-term savings which only comes with the right installation of the replacement windows.

Options when buying replacement windows

A lot of doors and windows companies in Calgary can be categorized as supply-only or supply and install companies. The supply-only companies are manufacturers or dealers which provide you with doors and windows. They just sell the product and you need to hire third-party companies to get them installed. Supply and install companies manufacture or deal with windows and doors supply. They also render installation services to the customers.

The supply and install doors and windows companies in Calgary have dedicated installers that guarantee the best installation job. After some research, you can easily find if a company offers skilled installation or not. Go through the reviews of past clients. Going with a full-service company is surely worth the price as they help you deal with the aftermath too. As the company assumes all the risks involved in the installation project, it has your contentment serve its interest. This is why such companies always address your post-installation concerns.

When you go for DIY installation, the installation and the post-installation concerns are all your headaches. You cannot hold anyone accountable for it. This is why it is suggested to always hire professionals for the task to avoid any issues from cropping up in the future. A well-installed door and window will never have problems for years.

Remember a dedicated window supplier doesn’t just offer quality service with skilled labor, but also ensures that their client is fully satisfied. A standard labor warranty is for 5 years. But, it doesn’t include window seals and caulking. These can be done manually as many times as needed.

With DIY installations, you don’t get lifetime warranties. You are responsible for the product, its installation and post-installation issues. However, the supplier and installer companies offer lifetime warranties of their products which is around 25-30 years.

So, in short if you are looking for the new window and doors Calgary installation, always keep in mind why you are purchasing them: it is for their durability and efficiency and you will only get an assurance of these two things when you are a pro in installation or you hire a pro for it. So, consider a company that will stand behind their product and team up with you till the work has been completed successfully.

Window Mart is one such company that offers you a high-quality supply of doors and windows with skilled installation services. Choose these professionals to enjoy a successful installation.

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