Metal roof properly

How to get a Metal roof properly installed?


With every passing year, more and more homeowners in Canada are switching to metal roofing systems. With a lifespan of 50 years and more, higher energyefficiency, and low-maintenance expenditure, no other roofing system can stand in comparison to a metal roof system for your residential or commercial property.

Just like any other construction project, if you have queries related to the metal roof installation process, then we shall have you covered.

One of the most essential points with your metal roof is to find a reliable and efficient contractor with experience in metal roof installation. Like traditional shingle roofs, poor installations and faulty workmanship can negatively affect the performance and aesthetic value of the roof.

A roofing contractor with skills and experience can help you choose the best commercial and residential metal roofing for your budget. And once you have hired the contractor, feel free to clear all your queries related to the project.

Metal roof installation approaches

Metal roof installations are replacements or new construction. For the latter, the installation takes place when the building shell is finished. Often the contractor chooses to start roof installation after the structure is watertight and the interior finish work has commenced.

Recover/ overlay

For replacement projects, the contractor has two options, recover/overlay meaning remove and replace. This procedure leaves the present roof in place and removes the need and cost of removing and disposing of the old roof and related components.

However, if it is not a viable option, then your contractor will suggest a remove and replace approach. Some of the factors which contribute to remove and replace method are given below:

  • As per the local building codes, it should suggest that a remove and replace approach is needed. Usually, jurisdictions permit recovery methods for either one or two shingle layers. If it is exceeding that, then you may have to remove the existing roof.
  • If there are any leaks, it means water has damaged the wood deck. So, your roofing contractor will have to do a thorough inspection of the roof to find out where the water damage has occurred.

Installation components of metal roof


It is the material to cover the joists and rafters. It can be plywood, plank or something attached to the roof framing top to make a surface for the underlayment and metal sheet attachment.


A lot of roofing contractors use synthetic underlayments which offer several benefits in comparison to felt paper. Synthetic underlayment is simpler to install, durable and can withstand nature elements for a long time period.

Metal roof panel

They are available in different sizes, colors and materials depending on your budget and preference. Speak to your contractor to find out the best option for you. AMT Metal roofing offers you the best metal roof options. You can place an order as per your requirement and choice.

Once you keep all the things in mind, your installation procedure will be efficient and robust. Remember a properly installed roof lasts for years and any incompetency can lead to malfunctioning and constant issues of repairs.

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