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Common basement waterproofing mistakes which people make


Well, basement leaks can happen to any home. One moment your basement was good, the next time you look, it is completely flooded. One of the major reasons for this to happen is lack of basement waterproofing before the rains hit.

In order to avoid an issue like this, you can use some basement waterproofing Mississauga techniques before anything bad happens. However, when going for waterproofing there are a lot of common waterproofing mistakes which people make. Some of them are given below:

1. Waterproofing the basement with the help of waterproofing paint

Though waterproof paint is an amazing way to safeguard your basement walls from damage, it is not just the only thing you should use. Depending completely on paint for an easy fix can lower the lime on the walls, leading to cracking in the paint. It is more troublesome for concrete walls and floors.

So, after sometime when the paint bubbles and flakes off, you will face the same problem again. Hence, you should pay attention to the more potential solutions available.

2. Draining basement floods very quickly

Surely you want to drain your flooded basement as soon as possible, but the results may not be too good. If flooding has occurred because of a storm or large water body collapse, then the basement walls will have more added pressure. As there is no water inside, the water around the walls will try to fill in the gaps creating additional pressure which will further lead to severe damage.

Hence, it is important to take time when removing water from your basement to dry it.

3. Not giving sufficient drying time

Before starting any waterproofing process, it is important to ensure that your basement and stuff inside it are completely dry. You may have to replace specific walls, floor and ceilings before waterproofing your basement as water can seriously damage and destroy your foundations. Hence, to avoid a collapse in the future, you should allow proper drying time to inspect the area thoroughly first.

4. Sealing cold joints

Though persuading, the area between the walls and floor of your house shouldn’t be filled. A lot of people use a mixture of cement to prevent water from getting inside. But, it is not right.

By not giving a small gap where pressure can be released, it will start to spread along the sides and ceilings of the basement rather than causing serious damage to the basement.

5. Waiting too much to go for waterproofing

Of course, you can stop basement damage instantly by going for waterproofing. While some may be simple to deal with, a flooded basement serves as a breeding platform for bacteria and mold.

It also makes your basement toxic as mold removal is incredibly expensive to go for. Your house will constantly collect water during the extermination procedure, making it will take more time to start waterproofing your basement.

Now that you know how to avoid the mistakes of basement waterproofing Mississauga, you should go for it. Keep the above-mentioned types in mind to make sure your basement remains dry and mold-free for years.

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