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How to Have a Warm Home All Winter Long


Nothing compares to that snuggly, cozy feeling that comes from a warm home. But when the winter hits and you’re running your heater, it starts to make a costly impact on your utility bill.

With that said, if there’s a cool draft coming through your home and you can’t seem to warm up, there are a few house heating tricks to try.

Check out these winter tips for homeowners:

Turn on the Ceiling Fan

Chances are when you think about creating a warm home, you don’t think about turning on your ceiling fans. Although this tip is a bit strange, it’s effective. In fact, spinning the blades counterclockwise helps to move the air around the room, and the fan helps to bring heated air down to the ground.

Just make sure to run the fan at the lowest speed. Also, only use this option if you can reverse your fan—otherwise, it’ll cool the room.

Rearrange Your Furniture

When you want to warm up your home, you have to make sure that heat can flow through. Move couches, chairs, beds, and any other obstacles that are blocking the vents. If the heat can’t get through, the rooms in your home will continue to feel cold.

Seal the Windows

Cold air seeping in from the outside is one of the fastest ways to bring shivers. If you start to feel a cold draft coming in from the windows, consider sealing them. Blocking the cracks and crevices in the windows will significantly warm up your home. Use caulk to apply over the exposed areas.

Utilize Your Curtains

Another great way to create a warm home is to take advantage of natural sunlight. If you have light-blocking curtains or drapes, open them throughout the day so that you can get solar heat from the sun, then close them at night. For the winter, it’s best to use insulated curtains.

This tip is a simple, inexpensive house heating trick to help you save on your utilities.

Change Your Furnace Filter

The best way to warm up your home is to make sure your furnace is working properly. If the filter is old, your furnace won’t push out heat the way that it should.

Not only that, but switching out your filter also provides other benefits for your furnace. Take a look at these furnace maintenance tips to learn more about how to maintain your heater.

Close the Doors

Keeping heat locked in is an effective way to warm up your home. In open, airy rooms, it’s difficult to combat cool drafts. But if you close the bedroom doors and bathroom doors, it helps to keep heat inside.

Have a Warm Home All Winter

Believe it or not, it is possible to have a warm home— even when it’s freezing outside. With just a few adjustments, you can completely change the temperature in your house.

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