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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Home to a Smart House


Have you always dreamed of living in a smart house?In today’s day and age, building a smart house is a lot easier than you might think. While smart house technology was once limited to swanky hotels and upper-class households, it’s become a lot more inclusive in recent years. With a few key upgrades, you can look forward to living in a house that is both efficient and environmentally-sound.

If you’re looking for the best ways to revolutionize your home, you’re going to want to read this. To help, we’re sharing our list of the best smart house features. Not only are these items eco-friendly and efficient, but they’re also generally affordable to the everyday homeowner.

Let’s get started on making your home the best and smartest that it can be!

1. Smart Lightbulbs

Did you know that only 10% of an incandescent lightbulb’s energy is used to create light?

When we consider that the remaining energy is wasted on heat, it’s clear why traditional lightbulbs aren’t exactly a smart choice. After replacing your incandescent lightbulbs with LED bulbs, you can take it one step further with the addition of smart lightbulbs.

These lightbulbs will illuminate at a pre-determined time each and every day. They will connect to your smartphone and you can control the setting of the lightbulb remotely. This makes it possible to turn on and off your lights from anywhere.

2. Nest Thermostat

If you’re looking for the best way to optimize the temperature of your home, look no further than a smart thermostat.

This is a programmable and self-learning thermostat that is placed on the interior of the home. From the app, you can control the temperature of your home and preprogram certain temperatures in advance. With it’s sleek and sophisticated appearance, it’s the perfect addition to any contemporary home.

After a while, the smart thermostat will also begin to learn your daily patterns and schedules. For example, when you typically leave the home, the thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature of your home to conserve energy. This is a simple way to save money and to ensure that you’re only using energy when necessary.

3. Energy Efficient Appliances

In today’s day and age, 77% of people are interested in leading a more sustainable life.

If you really want to take your sustainability seriously, it’s crucial to start with the appliances in your home. From the stovetop and the refrigerator to the washing machine and the dryer, it’s safe to say that these appliances are used on the daily. When we consider this fact, it’s easy to foresee just how quickly these energy bills add up.

As compared to traditional appliances, energy-efficient appliances use far less energy and less water. With this, homeowners will reduce their carbon footprint and save on monthly utility costs. Some appliance companies will even provide you with rebates after purchasing.

Now that’s smart technology.

4. Robot Vacuum

Who isn’t looking to cut down on their weekly chore list?

When the going gets tough and you don’t have time to clean the floors, your robot vacuum will do the work for you. In the span of an hour, this vacuum will clean all of the nooks and crannies within your home. Once the cleaning is complete, the robot vacuum will return to its charging port until next time.

From your smartphone, you can control when and where your robot vacuum will clean on a daily basis. With the touch of a button, you can look forward to returning home to a clean house!

5. WiFi Ceiling Fans

Are you looking to take the ceiling fans in your home to the next level?

Of course, traditional ceiling fans require the user to manually pull a cord each time a new movement is desired. A WiFi ceiling fan, on the other hand, use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to operate. This allows the user to control the speed, direction and movement of the fan from their smartphone.

Similar to a smart thermostat, a smart fan will adapt to learn the patterns of your everyday life. Once your patterns have been detected, the fan will naturally begin to match your schedule.

6. Keyless Entry

As technology continues to progress, fewer homeowners are relying on traditional keys to enter and exit their homes.

Instead, keyless entry pads are being seamlessly installed into the doorway. This will allow the homeowner to enter and leave their homes with a simple passcode rather than a key. Homeowners can also lock and unlock their doors from the convenience of their smartphones.

With this, there’s no need to worry about losing your keys or getting locked out. If you need to change your passcode, this can easily be administered. This is one of the reasons that keyless entries have become so popular with homes functioning as short-term rentals.

7. Smart Shades

With thanks to smart shades, gone are the days of manually controlling the shades and blinds in your home.

Rather than manually controlling your window coverings, you can preprogram your blinds to roll up or roll down any time that you desire. This is also a simple way to control the sun exposure that’s illuminating and heating your home from the outside. With the click of a button, you can unroll your shades and help to keep your home at the desired temperature.

Just like that, your mornings have become all the more bright!

The Best Smart House Upgrades

In today’s day and age, turning your home into a smart house has never been easier or more affordable.

With a handful of products, you can look forward to having a home that looks great and functions even better. From keyless entries and robot vacuums to WiFi ceiling fans and smart shades, establishing a sharp and modern home is simple. Not only will this make your household more functional, but it will also save you money over time.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started on building the smart home you’ve always wanted.

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