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8 Reasons You Need a Residential Electrician


According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there are roughly 1000 deaths per year in the United States attributed to electrocutions. If your home’s electrical system is on the fritz, don’t attempt to repair it yourself.

You need to hire a professional residential electrician to complete the job safely. Electrical DIY work is both hazardous and complicated. It can also be time-consuming.

The following eight reasons give you all the rationale you need to hire an electrician when your electrical problems present you with undue challenges. Finding the right electrical help will make your life shockingly easy.

  1. Safety

At the top of every list pertaining to electricity should be safety. A residential electrician is trained in the safest practices possible for electrical installation and repairs. Don’t put you or your family at risk by trying to tackle an electrical repair yourself.

The risks simply are not worth the rewards when it comes to saving a few dollars on electrical DIY work. Calling a professional gives you peace of mind knowing that the work was done in a matter that protects the safety of both you, and your loved ones.

  1. Quality of Work

No matter how good of a tradesman you may be, unless you are a certified electrician your handiwork won’t stack up to the professionals. A residential electrician will provide the best quality of work possible when it comes to an electrical system.

Inferior electrical work can cause fires and can seriously destroy home appliances. Don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality when it comes to the electrical system in your home.

By calling a licensed electrician you can be sure that you will be getting the job done right at the hands of a professional. Any electrical job worth getting done is worth doing with professional quality.

  1. Liability Protection

When you hire a licensed residential electrician, you are not only paying for safety or quality of work. You are also paying for the protection from liability that a professional offers.

All licensed electricians are required by law to be insured. That means if something tragic should happen during an electrical repair, routine maintenance, an emergency, or an installation, you, your family, and your property will all be protected by insurance.

  1. Right Tools for the Job

The average homeowner doesn’t possess the right know-how, let alone the right tools, to efficiently complete even the most basic of electrical jobs. Improvising with what you have on hand is not a very logical option.

Rather than rent or purchase necessary tools, it makes far more sense just to call a residential electrician. A professional electrician has all the tools for the job needed for even the trickiest of undertakings.

  1. Residential Electricians Are Troubleshooters

What starts off as a seemingly simple project can often snowball into an extremely complicated one. Electrical projects are no different. While your “quick fix” to rewiring a lightbulb may solve an obvious problem, you may be overlooking a more serious one.

Only a professional can troubleshoot and diagnose complicated underlying electrical issues that you may miss. Their expertise and experience provide them the skills that you lack when attempting to troubleshoot an electrical problem.

  1. Save Money in the Long Run

Even though cutting corners on electrical work and completing the job yourself can initially be cheaper, in the long run hiring a professional is much more economical. This is because when a professional does a job right, it only needs to be done once.

The expenses of having to redo inferior quality electrical work make up for the lower initial price tag. The old handyman’s proverb “measure twice, cut once” is applicable here as doing a job right the first time is much cheaper.

  1. Guaranteed Fix

Any credible residential electrician will provide some sort of guarantee in regards to their quality of work. Some offer a surety bond that guarantees the work will be completed in a satisfactory manner and up to your specifications.

If an electrician refuses to stand by their work with a surety bond, find a different electrician. Finding the right residential electrician is a journey in itself. Be prepared to do a little extra research in order to find the best electrician for your job.

  1. Peace of Mind

Let’s face it, electrical issues are stressful and frustrating. Don’t sacrifice your peace of mind trying to remedy a situation that is well over your head.

Calling a residential electrician gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your work will be done correctly, safely, and is guaranteed. Their certifications and licensing will provide you coverage in the event of an accident.

You won’t have to worry about having to redo inferior electrical work, or whether or not you may start a house fire by running the washing machine a little too long. All in all, the peace of mind hiring an electrician offers is worth it on its own.

Let your worried mind rest and take the stress out of electrical work. Know that a professional has you covered.

When Your Lights Go Out, Know Watt to Do

Having a certified residential electrician on hand is important for any homeowner to safely maintain their home. Whether you need an installation, repair, routine inspection, or need help during an electrical emergency, a residential electrician has got you covered.

Don’t attempt complicated and potentially dangerous electrical projects by yourself, the stakes are simply too high. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get the job done right the first time, guaranteed.

Only a residential electrician can provide this expertise needed when your electrical system is acting up. Check out the rest of our blog for other information related to electrical work, or home improvement in general.

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