Creative Ways to Reinvent Luxe Hotel Vibes in Your Home
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Creative Ways to Reinvent Luxe Hotel Vibes in Your Home


One of the best parts of staying in a hotel is enjoying the peace and comfort that comes with it—from the fluffy bed and pillows to the elegant minibar, there’s only so much luxury you can experience during your vacation in a hotel.

Sadly, not everyone can afford this lavish lifestyle. Even if you can afford it, there are still certain issues that can hinder your vacation plans, such as the ongoing lockdown and the growing number of COVID-19 cases.

You might now be wondering, is there a way I can enjoy these posh hotel vibes while still observing social distancing?

Fortunately, there is. The following tips will show you how to recreate a luxurious hotel experience in your home without spending more money than necessary.

1.Update your bedsheets

Nothing implies cleanliness and spaciousness in a room like white tones; which explains why most luxurious hotels use white sheets and pillowcases in their rooms.

To transform your bedroom into the pristine look of a luxurious hotel, change your bedsheets to crisp, white ones. Most hotels use sateen and percale bed sheets, but you can choose whatever material you’re most comfortable with.

2.Get plush bathrobes and towels

The first thing most travelers inspect on entering a hotel room is the bathrobes. Plush bathrobes, especially when worn with fluffy slippers, can help you feel warm and comfy. You can replicate this hotel vibe in your home today.

The color you should get is purely a matter of choice. But for the best luxe indulgence, trying getting neutral colors, like white and grey.

3.Incorporate a scent

If you’ve visited many hotels, you’ll have noticed that most, if not all, hotels have a signature scent. This scent is usually prominent all over the hotel, from the rooms to the lobby to the elevators.

You can’t possibly recreate the full hotel experience without incorporating a pleasant scent in your home. Fortunately, there are lots of options to combine or choose from when it comes to scents.

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You could either add luxury soaps and air fresheners to your bathroom, place flowers, and greenery in your living room or just lit scented candles in strategic locations. Then again, you can do all of them!

4.Update your window treatments

One hotel room luxury you can’t help but love is the window treatments. Those elegant blackout shades or curtains that filter out both light and noise while adding style to the room.

Installing this type of window treatment in your home will imbue it with the sense of luxury and privacy that most hotels have. What’s more, it will help you relax and sleep much better.

5.Update your lighting scheme

A standard hotel room usually has the following lighting schemes:

  • Lamps or sconces on either side of the bed
  • Overhead lights
  • Lights in the bathroom—all of which contribute to illuminating and setting the mood in the room.

You can borrow this tip and update the lighting setup in your home. Greater the luxurious experience if you install lighting fixtures that have dimmer switches.

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In the end, you’ll discover that the best remodeling plan for your space is the one that is neither too bold nor too subtle. Luxurious hotels are hardly ever flashy. The accessories and furniture in your home also matter and your best bet is to get quality items from Ferm LIVING.

Therefore, always ensure that whatever change you incorporate is committed to improving the aesthetic and comfortability of your home.

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