Great Ideas for Custom Glass Shower Doors for Your Next Bathroom Upgrade
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Great Ideas for Custom Glass Shower Doors for Your Next Bathroom Upgrade


Are you looking for some inspiration when it comes to upgrading your bathroom glass shower doors? This is a great feature to update if your current shower design is in need of it.

Keep reading for some awesome glass shower door ideas that can make your bathroom look like new. Consider adding one of these modern designs to your bathroom.

Go Framed or Frameless

Both framed and frameless shower door options can create a contemporary appearance.

There are ways to make a modern update to your shower by adding framed glass doors. A steel-framed option is great for a clean modern look and it gives your bathroom a sharp, industrial appearance. Heavy-duty aluminum framing is also a great idea, as it is not only chic but sturdy because the material adds both strength and support.

A frameless option uses sturdy tempered glass and does not require the support of framed or metal edges. This is a good option if you want a clean appearance that has clean lines without visual obstructions. It’s also great for showers where you want to show off what’s inside, such as beautiful stonework, tile designs, or sparkling hardware.

Some frameless options can be mostly metal-free, but they can also have metal along the top edges and sides, which are referred to as semi-frameless. If cost is a factor, it’s important to note that frameless showers tend to be about twice the price of standard metal framed shower doors. A semi-frameless shower door is a great option for those who’s bathroom layout or budget will not allow for a frameless design, but you still want the minimal appearance these doors offer.

Consider How You Want Your Door to Open

To find the best shower door for you, a large factor to consider is how you wish the door to open, and whether this will work in the layout of your bathroom. If you have a tightly closed space, a sliding glass door option is a great way to save on space. Pivoting doors work like a standard door, and are sometimes referred to as hinge doors or swinging doors.

The pivot option is a great choice if you have the space for it, as it makes a bold statement that is perfect in a master bath. If you choose to go with this option, it’s smart to have a professional come and measure that this door type will work before installation. If you’re lacking the space for a pivot door but want a wide walk-in opening, a folding or bi-folding shower door could be a great alternative.

For custom glass shower doors, windows, and mirrors that will fit perfectly in your space, call Community Glass today.

Update Your Glass Shower Doors for a Fresh Look

When choosing the best glass shower doors for your bathroom, you will want to make sure to consider the above factors. This will allow you to find a modern, sleek, and attractive option that will also work best in your space.

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