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If you’re one of the many homeowners looking to sell their property during the stamp duty holiday, a reduction that cuts the rate of stamp duty tax on British properties below the amount of £500,000 to zero, then you will be finding yourself maximising your home’s potential value. During the summer of 2020, the housing market has seen an incredible rise in value, and the average property value increased to an all-time high. While there are concerns as to how long this bubble will last, it has not prevented sales from occurring frequently and quickly.

Since there is a finite amount of time in which the stamp duty holiday will occur, many homeowners aren’t able to invest the time or money to make significant adjustments to their property. Some might think that this potentially limits the amount of value that can be added. However, there are many ways, some surprisingly easy and cheap, that allow you to increase the value of your home.

Less Is Definitely More

One of the most common assets that buyers look for in a new property is space. While a homeowner would hopefully make an effort to tidy and clean a property before a sale, they often fail to maximise the amount of space visibly available. Clearing out or storing items and furniture that may seem necessary for utility and design is often advantageous. Your style and belongings may not be for everyone, but space, even the impression of space, is always popular.

Garden Care

Gardens have, in the past few years, become remarkably popular. More buyers are looking for properties with a garden and it has become one of the most searched for qualities on sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

Simply having a garden isn’t enough, however, and you need to make both a great first impression and demonstrate its potential utility. Consider modernising your garden to meet current needs. For example, many sheds are being replaced with log cabins to allow remote workers to have a private professional space to work from. Their popularity has made them more affordable and they are incredibly easy to install, adding an extra room to your property instantly.

Paint, Paint, Paint

When living in a property, the tell-tale signs of its age begin to easily escape your attention. We become accustomed to minor flaws and grow accustomed to certain designs. One of the clearest indicators of a home’s wear and age is in the paintwork.

By simply adding a new coat of paint, to walls, doors, and windows, you not only reinvigorate the property’s energy but you will also make a much better first impression on prospective buyers. Be sure to use a neutral or hushed tone, however, as bold colours can divide opinion.

Bring in Brightness

Natural light not only improves our sense of wellbeing, but it also increases the sense of space. In the same way that mirrors are said to imbue a room with an illusion of space, natural light does too. Many properties are limited to what light is able to be welcomed via windows and to increase their size or replace them is costly.

There are, however, simpler and easier ways to welcome in natural light. Replacing curtains with brighter colours and finer material is a popular option, as is organising furniture around the windows to optimise the light that enters the room. Alternatively, removing any obstructions and giving the glass a thorough clean can make a surprising difference!

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