How are Plastic Harmful and Ways to Reduce it
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How are Plastic Harmful and Ways to Reduce it


It is not something new. Day after day we learn about the astonishing indestructibility of plastics in marine environments and that it takes many years to completely get rid of plastic. In spite of the damage that they caused. Plastic debris, unfortunately, can be found everywhere and in every ocean-going onto clog drains and cities. It has also been predicted that the mass of plastic in the world’s oceans will exceed the mass of all the fish that live there if it continues without carefully thought solutions. Because plastic does not just kill people it also has its effects upon wildlife that come from eating or becoming entangled in its toxic and lethal effects.

Below we can find ways to prevent this in order to disrupt the ongoing plastic corruption found the world over:

Print Less

This scenario mostly applies to workplaces causing a lot of trade waste Huddersfield with printing documents for meetings and other events. And printers are made of plastic – let’s not forget. The more you consume and buy printers after every usage, you are unnecessary piling up toxic plastic at your workplace. You can drastically avoid this by simply going digital and minimising the cost of paper and print cartridges.

Go Sustainable with Grocery

You can start being mindful with your everyday grocery shopping. Think about the plastic bag you carry along with all the plastic containers your groceries come in.

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That tile cleaner, bread loaf, sanitary pads, soya sauce, chocolate wrappers and the list goes on. Instead, you can buy products packaged in glass or not packaged at all. Also, you can bring reusable shopping bags and reusable produce bags and replace plastic wrap with beeswax wraps.

Try Chemical Free Beauty Products

If you do the math, most plastic comes in the form of toiletries, bath and beauty products. All of these can be reduced if you choose to look out for and buy cosmetics made with natural products. This way you’re making conscious decisions for a better tomorrow. Where toiletries are concerned, you can make your own cleaning solutions with baking soda, water and vinegar for natural alternatives to cleaning supplies that come in plastic bottles.

Avoid Overloading Your Wardrobe

Sometimes we look at our wardrobes thinking we don’t have any clothes and quickly make a decision to start buying new clothing, instead, buy or go through some second-hand thrift stores where you can get quality ones for cheaper rates. We can always choose to go with sustainable products even where clothing is concerned. Natural fibres like hemp, wool and natural dyes are much more for the skin than synthetic materials that mostly contain plastic.

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