Serving the Heroes of The Nation with Corporate Housing Rentals
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Serving the Heroes of The Nation with Corporate Housing Rentals


Who knew the Coronavirus would dominate the world and bring it to a lockdown completely? The virus is ruling strong as more and more people are getting infected daily. The pandemic has changed lives, and healthcare and frontline workers are the ones that are making the most sacrifices. They are constantly fighting the virus round-the-clock away from their homes and families. They are at extreme risk of being infected with Covid-19 themselves, but they have embraced this reality and are fighting the virus with the only mission to serve the infected and save as many lives as possible.

How are corporate housing rentals stepping up to help healthcare workers?

The management at leading corporate housing rentals is concerned about the health of medical staff and healthcare providers that are directly fighting the Coronavirus. This is why they have come forward with a wonderful initiative to help medical, and healthcare workers stay safe and protected when away from the hospital. They understand that they cannot go back home to their loved ones after a grueling day at work.

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This is why they are offering nightly and monthly rentals for healthcare workers to stay in a place that feels like home. They are provided with well-furnished apartments that are cleaned and sanitized daily with strong disinfectants. The authorities ensure that everything from the remote control of the TV to the upholstery in the room is cleaned with strong disinfectants. The motto here is to ensure every healthcare worker is living in clean and well-maintained properties. Every person has an assigned property manager for queries and concerns. The staff of the housing units ensures that its occupants live comfortably so that they can rejuvenate and get ready for their daily fight against the pandemic that has taken control of the whole globe!

The mission to help healthcare workers in the fight against Covid-19

The staff and the administration at these corporate housing units are taking you to be their first priority. This is why they-

  1. Conduct thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all their properties with Tier 1 antiviral and antimicrobial products
  2. They train their staff so that they are aware and updated about the Coronavirus and its day-to-day impact.
  3. They ensure all their staff are checked for temperature and practicing guidelines for cleanliness and hand washing.
  4. The staff ensures that social distancing is maintained at all times, and work-from-home measures are implemented whenever feasible.
  5. The management of these corporate housing units ensures that the ventilation systems are cleaned and functional to ensure the safe and optimal flow of air in the premise.

These corporate housing rentals have the endeavor to help healthcare providers in these challenging times. They ensure they are staying in comfort without problems so that they can focus on the core task of fighting the virus and helping those in need.

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The booking and checking in the process can be made online, and one can opt for both nightly and monthly rentals as per their convenience and needs with success!

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