Tips for Cleaning Hide Rugs

Tips for Cleaning Hide Rugs


Hide rugs will always look good in your home or office. Their natural look and feel can transform the appearance of any space. Hide rugs are popular because of their durability, stain-resistance, and hypoallergenic properties. Another favourable property of the rugs is that they are easy to clean. The following tips may help you get rid of stains from your rug.

Regular Cleaning

The most effective way of regular cleaning for your rug is by vacuuming. Make it a part of your cleaning routine and stick with it.

If you do not vacuum your rugs frequently, there may be a build-up of dust and lose debris. The process of vacuuming your rug is similar to vacuuming any other rugs. Vacuum your hide rug in the direction of the hair.

Shake It Off

When you do not have the time to vacuum your hide rug, you can just shake it off. Take your rug out and shake the dust and debris off. Most hide rugs do not absorb dirt in the fibre. It is, therefore, easy to get rid of the dirt that is on the surface. Shake it with just enough force to remove dirt and avoid beating it.

Use a Brush

Regular brushing will help you keep your rug clean. It is a good cleaning method as it gets rid of the dirt that you may not reach when vacuuming. Make it a regular habit. Use a soft brush with hard bristles to avoid damaging the rug. Brush in the direction of the hair and not against it.

Keep it Dry

Moisture is not good for your hide rugs. While it is okay to steam your rug, you should not get it wet. Water can cause serious damage to your rug. If there is a spillage, air dry the rug to get rid of all moisture. Avoid putting your rug in a drying machine.

Cleaning Stains

Clean up liquid spills as soon as they occur. If you let it soak in, the cleanup process can be difficult. As soon as you notice a spill, soak it up with a sponge and hold. Do not attempt to wipe it as that will only spread the stain. Dabbing your sponge on the spill may help absorb it.

Shampoo is great for cleaning stains. If there is a stain on your rug, mix some shampoo with water and use it to dab on the stain. The shampoo helps to break down the stain and clean your rug. Do not use too much soap and avoid using alkaline shampoos. Use a towel or sponge that is damp but not too wet and wipe in any direction you want.

If you do not have the confidence to clean up your rug on your own, get the help of a professional. Make it an occasional practice and your rugs will be clean and durable.

Always buy your hide rugs from reputable companies like Hiderugs. High-quality hide rugs are easy to clean and they do not require you to put in a lot of effort in maintenance.

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