Remodel Your Yard: Top 7 Outdoor Landscaping Trends in 2020
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Remodel Your Yard: Top 7 Outdoor Landscaping Trends in 2020


You might expect landscaping to add to the attractiveness of your home and to enhance your outdoor living space. Landscaping can also add as much as 10% to the value of your home. What more reasons do you need to start the yard remodeling project you’ve been thinking about?

Remodeling your yard can be a fun creative project. Like many projects, the key is to create a vision for the completed project. Read on to learn about 7 outdoor landscaping trends in 2020.

1.On Color Trend

There’s still time to buy into the color of the year for 2020. Pantone has decreed that blue is the color of the year. For gardeners and landscapers, blue offers some fantastic opportunities so don’t worry that you won’t be on-trend in 2021 and beyond.

Water is always an attractive and versatile element in a landscaping design. Use blue in tiles or water features. Run the color through fencing, building, and of course into planting.

Hydrangeas and delphiniums can be used for strong blue statements. More subtle planting can incorporate blue with hyacinths or thistles.

2. Love Lavender

Lavender is a versatile plant. It can be planted as individual plants or as low hedging to provide structure to your landscape. The flowers are a mass of beautiful delicate petals with a variety of flower forms.

Lavender is a fragrant plant too. You’ll appreciate the scent, especially on a warm evening. It’s hard to resist.

Make your own potpourri with the flowers or even extract the natural scent by soaking the flowers in olive oil.

If you need another reason to include lavender in your remodeling plans, in their 100th year, the National Garden Bureau has declared it the year of the lavender.

3. Light Up Without Costing the Earth

Environmental consciousness is important in many aspects of life. Decisions we make about landscaping should also consider the need to be more environmentally responsible.

Lighting can enhance the design of your landscaping with spotlighting or more ambient light. It can extend your enjoyment of your outdoor living space into the hours of darkness. The challenge is to do this without seriously increasing your carbon footprint.

Choose LED lighting for more energy efficiency. Use the renewable energy available to you by running your outdoor lighting on solar power. Use timers or light sensors so your lighting is only on when it’s needed.

4.Vertically Herbal

There are two trends you can follow simultaneously. Vertical gardens and herbal gardens.

Vertical gardens are a way of increasing the greening of your outdoor space using vertical rather than horizontal space. This is ideal if you have a small space or to make even more use of the space you have.

Use a trellis to create a wall, up which you can grow plants. The trellis can provide a framework for hanging pots. Even small plants can be arranged into a wall of green leaves.

Herbs have been cultivated for cooking and for medicinal uses for as long as human beings discovered they could cultivate plants. If you’ve bought into the latest TV cooking shows you’ll want to have your own source of fresh herbal ingredients.

Combine the vertical gardening and herbal gardening trends and you’ll have a delightfully fragrant and appetizing feature in your yard. Choose plants that suit your local climate and culinary taste.

5. Raise the Flag for Outdoor Landscaping

In a presidential election year, there’s always lots of flag-waving. But, politics isn’t the only reason to raise the flag.

In times of difficulty, it feels right to unite with neighbors in mutual support. It’s important to check on less fortunate and elderly neighbors. Loneliness and isolation shouldn’t be a problem if neighbors look in on each other.

One way of symbolizing your feelings of community and civic duty is to raise a flag. It’s a simple statement but an evocative one.

You can include a flag pole when you remodel your yard. Here’s where to buy flags to suit any situation.

6. Entertainment Space

When an indoor meeting is discouraged for safety reasons, the outdoors comes into its own. There’s a trend to create outdoor entertainment spaces. This means out seating, dining, and cooking in your yard.

If you’re going to use your outdoor living area more, invest in quality. Your outdoor furniture needs to be durable and to stay looking good and comfortable for your guests, year after year.

7. Eat Your Garden

Trends in diet and health are moving relentlessly towards eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s better for you but how do you make sure you’re not eating pesticides and herbicides along with your kale and carrots?

Incorporate some space in your yard to grow your brown food. Eating your homegrown vegetables is so satisfying. Not only does it taste great, because you can eat it so fresh, you also know how it’s been treated.

Use sound organic practices. Make your own compost. Manually remove pests rather than spraying with pesticides and mulch to inhibit weeds rather than using herbicides.

Plants you grow for food can also be very attractive. Check out some of the more beautiful varieties of cabbage and the flowers and leaves of peas and beans. Alternatively, grow some edible flowers such as nasturtiums or pansies.

Outdoor Landscaping Trends

Outdoor landscaping experiences trends just like indoor decor or clothing fashion. You don’t have to slavishly follow them but they can inspire your creativity. Combine these trends with your own landscaping ideas to make your yard your special place.

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